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Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue eyes makeup has its own characteristics that those with blue eyes and have a plus which the propertied lack of clear eyes and is that having the clearest iris and dose amplitude is gained. In fact, is usually not necessary to emphasize. In addition, there are some clues that you should consider: - Blue eyes out for themselves; usually do not usually need very strong makeup. - For natural looks, beige and light brown are an excellent choice. Mink is the most flattering tone, so when choosing makeup for blue eyes this can be a good option. - A more sophisticated night makeup can be made with the range of purple: lilac or violet will become great but mauve or plum. It also goes well with the blue not dark pink. - Blue eyes make too strong a contrast with red and orange. Avoid them or give you a sickly! - When choosing a liner makeup for blue eyes, our recommendation is that you do it similar to your eyes or green; Silver is also an excellent choice. - By contrast, the black pen to outline what we leave around the eyelashes and not inside. Otherwise, harden your look and make you more "cool" than it is already naturally. In any case, if you make up the interior line with a dark color is best to do it overnight. - When choosing mascara, clear eyes to go well clear tones. Of course, at night a good dose of black mask further expand your look and give you a very sophisticated touch attached shadow and dark eyeliner.