Blue Eyes Makeup for Blue Eyes To Apply Dark Shades With Dark Eyeliner


Blue eyes makeup for blue eyes accentuates their natural beauty and gentle color. The golden rule for women with heavenly eyes is not to use shadows that are completely consistent with the natural eye color for the reason that they will make your eyes expressionless by the way, this also applies to dark shades with dark eyeliner and they make blue eyes empty.

Applies Blue Eyes Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Makeup for Blue Eyes

Looks great on the owners of blue-gold eyes, pale pink, silver, purple and pearl shade but the bright purple and pink tones should be avoided; they are not suitable for everyone. As for the green eye shadow use them with caution. Incidentally day makeup for blue eyes brunettes will be irresistible, if you take advantage of rich, warm colors of Shadows: beige, gold, brown. Discard the blue eye shadows. They look rough and vulgar. Remember, the important thing is to blue eyes makeup for blue eyes emphasized eyes and did not hide them.

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Makeup for Blue Eyes

Technique of applying makeup for blue eyes is the same as for any other eye. The main thing is not to overdo it; less is better cosmetics than more. For the reason that an excessive amount of “ink” does not emphasize the beauty of blue eyes but rather divert attention from them. The shadow should be applied from the bottom up and of course the shade. Under the brow is better to apply a neutral shade for example, gold or shine, you can clear lip gloss. This manipulation will give your eyes more expressive.

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Blue eyes and perfect smoky makeup (smoky eyes) black outline and arrows to pull up the corners of the eyes. A great option is a natural makeup or look. Accentuate eye contour blue or gray pencil – ready! To refresh your heavenly sight will also work with the effect of white silk shade & a suitable ink for blue eyes – black or brown.

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