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Today, we provide Natural beauty tips for girls and women's. What to do for beautiful skin? Here are best home remedies for skin care that really help!

The best beauty tips are the biggest secrets. One of the most intriguing aspects of these secrets is that they cost a little money or even free.

Smooth, silky, well taken care of - home remedy for beautiful skin

We've all met people who attract people and make you want to go to them with only their natural beauty tips and without any effort.

Their interpersonal skills, smile, and their eyes are their main assets. But what are their secrets?

Beauty Tips

What are the natural beauty tips?

Home Beauty Tips And Tricks For Beautiful Skin

Rosy and slightly tanned, smooth, supple and delicate with an even complexion - this is what many dream skin looks like. The reality deviates from this but unfortunately only too happy. Sometimes it is dry, scaly and rough. Sometimes you have to fight with pimples and greasy shine. Not to mention the signs of the times. Skin problems are not only visually unpleasant but also distressing. Dry skin, for example, tends to crack and is often very sensitive. Experience shows that inflamed and therefore painful pimples occur a little more frequently with oily skin. However, you do not have to invest in entire care series for gentle and efficient care. Often, simple home remedies for beautiful skin are enough to compensate for disturbances in the skin and to achieve a healthy, fresh complexion.

The Skin: A Sensitive Protective Cover

It is cut, stung, burned, has to withstand abrasions and extreme stretching, always comes into contact with all substances first and also has to protect the inside of the body - the skin is not only the largest organ of the body but also a very remarkable one. It repairs itself, is subject to numerous influences and also indicates very quickly if something beats us on the mind or the health. We could and should do a lot to protect the skin and keep it healthy for a long time. Because the saying "Feeling good in your own skin" is no coincidence. In addition to the following home beauty tips for beautiful skin, we have also put together useful tips for protecting our protective cover: Avoid dangerous contacts: washing dishes, wiping floors, disinfecting - if you handle detergents or chemicals, you should protect your skin. Wear latex or rubber gloves to avoid direct contact. Many feel wearing gloves as restrictive and uncomfortable at first, feeling they can work less thoroughly. Nevertheless, try to get used to it. Doctors and especially surgeons finally get along with them. Everything in moderation: Covering the skin constantly in nourishing cosmetics is just as unfavorable as hours of sunbathing or a full bath three times a day. Care should be kept as high as with all other influences. Otherwise, it can quickly lead to irritation or overuse of the skin protection. Note changes: Here is a scaly, rough spot. Because of a small rash. There recurring abscesses. Take your skin seriously and consult a specialist for abrupt changes or frequent complaints. Many disorders can be treated very well and quickly at first. However, the longer an infection or disorder persists, the longer the therapy will last.

Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

There is an almost unmanageable selection of skincare products on the market. Tailored to skin types, provided with tinting or fragrant additives, for firming, moistening and against wrinkles - the offer is varied and huge. ver, in many cases, you do not have to resort to expensive products, but instead find the ingredients for effective home remedies that can help to make your skin look pretty good, right in the fridge or at least in the kitchen. We tell you which home remedies are useful for which skin type and which supposedly proven remedies and measures you should not let on and under your skin.

Aloe Vera As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera is a home remedy for versatile use. Hair, inflammation and dry skin can benefit greatly from the herbal remedy. In addition, Aloe Vera or more precisely Aloe Vera Gel is very easy to use and generally well tolerated, so you can apply it on sensitive skin and sensitive areas. For the application, there are initially two variants to choose from. You can use finished aloe vera gel or even get this yourself from aloe vera leaves. For the recovery, slice the aloe vera leaf lengthwise and scrape out with a sharp knife or a sharp edge, the soft leaf inside. Put this in a bowl and crush it with a fork or puree it briefly. If you use the resulting aloe vera gel or a ready-made version for moisturizing to soften rough skin or to help damaged skin to heal. You can use the gel neat or mix it with other home remedies for skin care. Apple Cider Vinegar As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin Apple cider vinegar as a home remedy for beautiful skin is especially recommended for the excessive production of sebum and skin oils. But even if your skin is prone to pimples and inflammation, you can still grab the fruity vinegar. For use on the skin, simply mix a portion of apple cider vinegar with a portion of cool water and use this combination to wash or cleanse the oily areas of the skin. In a stronger dilution, you can also take a full bath in it. With this application, half a liter is sufficient per bath.

Avocado As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Avocados are full of healthy fatty acids and nutrients and are therefore a rich and easy care for the skin. For application simply halve a ripe and soft avocado, spoon the inside out and crush the green pulp with a fork or puree it. Afterward, apply the avocado directly onto the cleansed skin and let it soak in for about 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. The nutrients in the green mask ensure an improved moisture balance, care, and care.

Bananas As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Bananas are not only delicious; they are also rich in vitamins and other micronutrients. As a result, they have applied internally and externally a great home remedy for the beautiful skin. If you want to use the bananas externally as a skin care, crush a ripe fruit with a fork to a smooth porridge. Apply this pure or mix it in equal parts with natural yogurt After a period of ten to twenty minutes, rinse off the rich mask again.

Eggs As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Eggs, especially the egg white, have a firming effect on the skin. Egg yolk is again particularly rich. You can use both individually or in combination with skin care. For the use of the albumen, beat it first slightly frothy and add about a tablespoon of honey, aloe vera or oil per egg white. Stir or beat the mixture thoroughly again to get a creamy consistency. Apply the mask on areas that can use an extra dose of tightening and care. After about 30 minutes, wash it off. Egg yolk is rich in fatty acids and therefore ideal for dry and stressed skin areas. Stir the egg yolks with some olive oil to make the liquid as smooth as possible and either rub it in or hold it in heavily worn, dry and rough areas - such as elbows or hands. Leave the oil-yolk mixture for at least 20 minutes before removing the residue with water.

Diet As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

If the supply is not right, the skin can not radiate - let alone fulfill its demanding task. Therefore, eat plenty of vegetables and protein and pay attention to a balanced ratio of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Nuts, seeds and vegetable oils are also suitable for supplying the skin. Overall, however, the diet should be "simply" varied and balanced so that no deficiencies arise.

Green Tea As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Green tea is rich in flavonoids, which should have a positive effect on the skin and health in general. Therefore, you can use this home remedy for beautiful skin also from the outside and inside. Drink up to three cups of green tea daily and use the teabags or part of the infusion to rub off your skin. After a contact time of 20 minutes, you can wash off the tar residues. You can do this daily if it's good for your skin.

Cucumber As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

The cucumber slices on the eyes are a classic picture of skincare and wellness. Green cucumbers can do far more as a home remedy for beautiful skin, because they have a cooling effect, contain antioxidants and have a high moisture content. In addition, you have different choices in the application. including: Eat green cucumber. Best daily. The high water content contributes to the supply of liquid. In addition, the vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are important for the care of the skin. Rub the green cucumber very finely and mix it in equal parts with natural yogurt, cream, quark or milk. Apply the well-stirred mass to cleansed skin to soothe irritated areas and to moisturize dry areas. Cut the cucumber into pieces of bread and then purée it. Add some sea salt to the cucumber and rub your moist skin with it. After a few minutes of exposure, you can wash off the residues with cool to lukewarm water. Rub your skin in the evening with freshly sliced cucumber slices. Let the juice work overnight.

Oatmeal As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Oatmeal is inexpensive, versatile and easy to use as a home remedy for the beautiful skin. The structure of delicate oatmeal is ideal as a gentle exfoliant, while the substances in it can soothe the skin and provide for improved moisture content. For oatmeal, simply mix a few spoonfuls of oatmeal with the same amount of water or milk. Let the flakes swell for one to three minutes and rub the paste over the moist skin. For a richer care, you can also add some honey or cinnamon or replace the liquid with oil and yogurt.

Healing Earth As A Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Healing earth acts against inflammation regulate the excessive production of sebum and can also be used as an exfoliant. Not to mention that skin-fine healing clay should also have a cleansing and pore-refining effect. This home beauty tips for beautiful skin is ideal, especially for greasy skin and inflammation. For a mask, mix healing clay with a little water or some skin-friendly oil until a thick paste is formed. Apply to cleansed but dry skin and let it dry. If you want a peeling effect, rub off the dry mask. For sensitive skin, soften and rinse off the healing clay.

Honey As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Honey works against inflammation and has a positive effect on the hydration of the skin. It is, therefore, a wonderful home remedy for the beautiful skin. You can either apply it directly or:
  • Mix two tablespoons of honey with 250 milliliters of warm water and massage the solution into the skin, leave for about 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse off.
  • One part of honey with two parts of yogurt and Mix and apply this combination as a mask.
  • Mix lemon juice and honey to use the bleaching effect of citrus juice while still softening its acidity

Yogurt As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Cooling, calming and caring but light - yogurt is a wonderful home remedy for the beautiful skin. You can use it pure, dilute with water, add cucumber, honey or a nourishing oil. But pay attention to how your skin reacts when in contact with the milk product. Some people are very sensitive and perceive the yogurt rather as an irritant, as a care product.

Coconut Oil As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Skin, hair, nails and even the mucous membrane can benefit from coconut oil. The light and solid at room temperature oil is simply heated in the hand for use and then gently massaged into the skin. It is therefore also very easy to use for care and can be used on both dry and scaly and rather greasy skin. The fatty acids and nutrients it contains nourish the skin, making it soft and elastic. As a home remedy for beautiful skin coconut oil can therefore only be highly recommended.

Cosmetic Free As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

There are diseases that are known as so-called cosmetic acne and chlorine acne. Here, the skin reacts with the formation of pimples, pustules, and papules on various substances, which are mainly contained in cosmetics but for example in cleaning products and the pools in swimming pools. But you should not treat your skin regularly and as much cosmetic-free time as possible if you already suffer from this hypersensitivity. Makeup at the latest before going to bed at night and then leave nothing but air to the skin. Avoid make-up as often as possible or at least limit the wear time as much as possible.

Almonds And Almond Oil As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Almonds and almond oil are two THE home remedies for beautiful skin simply because they can improve the skin's appearance from the outside and from within. Eat a handful of almonds more often; they are a healthy snack anyway. Alternatively, you can also take about three teaspoons of almond oil daily, for example, stirred in a yogurt or smoothie. You can also use almond oil for the external care of the skin. Simply rub the oil directly into the skin. Since it is both light and rich, it is suitable in principle for every skin type. However, it is best for dry skin.

Massage As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

An important prerequisite and therefore a wonderful home remedy for beautiful skin is a good circulation. This massage can help you very much - even without a professional masseur. Use some skin-friendly oil or use the damp skin in the shower and massage the skin with light pressure and circular movements - at least once a day. This stimulates the blood circulation, gives a fresher complexion and casually relaxes body and mind as well. Most people find the massages especially at bedtime as very pleasant and conducive to falling asleep.

Sea Salt Peeling As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

If the complexion is rather rough and gray than fresh and rosy, it can be responsible for both dry and old and dead skin responsible. For dry skin, they should rather resort to home remedies that regulate the moisture balance. For scaly areas, occasional sea salt peeling may be a good choice. But you should not overdo it. Applied more than once every two to four weeks, scrubs can even make the skin even hornier. So stay tuned and pays close attention to whether the application is good for your skin. For the sea salt peeling, proceed as follows:
  1. Mix ground coffee, honey, sea salt and yogurt with passion fruit, apricot or peach in equal parts. This is especially easy if you use the empty yogurt cup directly to measure the ingredients.
  2. Take a shower or take a warm bath so that the skin is moist and softens the dander.
  3. Scrub your skin with the scrub in small circles with light pressure.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the residue of the scrub with lukewarm water and provide your skin with the same effects with a moisturizing and moisturizing lotion or home remedy.

Soda As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Soda can have a positive influence on the pH of the skin and is wonderfully suitable as a bath additive. Put about two coffee cups of soda in a lukewarm bath and enjoy first the nourishing effect and then the soft and relaxed skin. You can apply soda once a week in this way

Olive Oil As A Home Remedy For Beautiful Skin

Olive oil is now one of the classics of skin care is included in numerous products and can also be used as a home remedy for beautiful skin very easy. Simply massage the olive oil into the skin - ready. Due to its rich nutrients, it is particularly suitable for dry skin and may also like to move into it overnight. If you can not help the smell of pure olive oil, give it a few drops of essential oil. For example, lavender serves to relax, while citrus fragrances have a stimulating effect and rosemary instantly stimulates blood circulation.

Sleep As A Home Remedy For Beautiful Skin

Have you ever noticed in a stressful or sleepless phase that your skin looks worn and pale or stained? This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that stress and lack of sleep can lead to limited circulation and supply. On the other hand, sleep is used for regeneration. If he is missing, the skin can no longer recover from the exertions of the day. The term beauty sleep is really something to it. Thus, sleep and relaxation are two important home remedies for beautiful skin, which you should by no means neglect or underestimate. Nice side effects of this home remedy: You feel more relaxed, are more powerful and your immune system can run at full speed.

Sunscreen As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Stands for relaxation and good mood is crucial for the production of vitamin D and gets us going - but in excess, it can cause considerable damage to the skin and this does not just mean the increased risk of skin cancer. UV radiation leads to the increased formation of free radicals. These particles are oxidative substances that snatch particles from other compounds and thus damage them. If these missing particles get from others, a cell-damaging chain reaction can be set in motion. You do not have to avoid the sun for a long time, but you should behave accordingly and take protective measures. These include: Sunscreens: Light skin types endure 10 to 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily. This includes the walk to the car or train, the removal of the garbage and the Gassirunde with the dog - for unprotected sunbathing, there is no time left. In summer, you should therefore urgently apply a suitable sunscreen. Slow habituation: Over time, the skin builds up a self-protection against UV radiation. However, this only starts when it can slowly get used to the stronger radiation in the summer. So do not start you’re sunbathing directly with a sizzling lunch in the midday sun, but rather enjoy the rays every day, but only for a few minutes. Shadow: You can also enjoy the sun from the shade's shadow - and you should, too, mainly and especially at the beginning of summer and at lunchtime. Après care: No matter whether you kissed from the sun - so your skin was burned - or you have been outside for a long time on a sunny day, treat your skin with an appropriate Aprés care. Well suited for this are, for example, aloe vera, panthenol, almond oil and coconut oil.

Sport As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Relaxation and rest are very important for the complexion. Lack of sleep and stress are quickly noticeable. The best antidote here is regular exercise. Start with daily walks, go jogging or swimming three times a week, and try bodyweight training. Whether yoga or weight training, the main thing you get in motion and work up a sweat. That makes for a fresher complexion.

Tea Tree Oil As A Home Remedy For Beautiful Skin

If you suffer from pimples, you should resort to tea tree oil as a home remedy for the beautiful skin. Use it in combination with healing clay as a mask that also helps to soothe oily skin and refine pores, or dab some of the tea tree oil directly onto the inflamed areas. If you choose the targeted and concentrated application, the oil may enter overnight. Note, however, that it can have a dehydrating effect and should, therefore, be used sparingly. Rub

Tomatoes As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Tomatoes in a salad or with mozzarella and basil on a pizza are a light and fruity treat for many. But as a home remedy for beautiful skin? Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and biotin, two substances that can be used to care for the skin as well as hair and nails. For application on the skin, mash or puree - depending on size and application - a smaller or larger quantity of ripe tomatoes and distribute them directly on the skin. You can also add some olives or almond oil to the tomato puree. After ten minutes of exposure, wash the mass thoroughly with pure water. Caution: Tomatoes are not everyone's or everyone's favorite thing. Some people are very sensitive to it and may suffer from rash or similar symptoms both after consumption and after external use. So watch closely if this treatment really does you any good.

Vaseline As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Cost-effective and well-tolerated Vaseline is the skin care secret of so many people. Including celebrities. It is well absorbed by dry skin, keeping it supple and soft. As a home remedy for beautiful skin Vaseline is primarily suitable for rough, dry and horny areas. So for example for the feet and elbows. Apply a thin layer and let the vaseline in for at least 15 minutes.

Vitamin E As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Vitamin E is considered a beauty vitamin, as it has, among other things, a decisive effect on the appearance of the skin. It is best to use pure vitamin E oil and use it every day in the case of circulation-enhancing massages. Increase vitamin E more in your diet.

Walnuts As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Walnuts contain vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids that benefit your health and your skin. You should, therefore, use them as a snack and home remedy for beautiful skin more often on your diet. For example, you can mix a portion of natural yogurt with a portion of ground walnuts and use this paste as a mask. When the mass dries, gently rub it off to exfoliate and then rinse residues with water from the skin. Alternatively, you can also mix walnut flour with some rose water to make a thick paste. Apply these to the skin in need of care and leave it here for up to one hour.

Water As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

An old model trick is to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Although the tips from the model are not generally the healthiest, you should follow this lead. Because adequate hydration is important for the care and the upholstery of tissue and skin. It promotes the removal of pollutants and harmful metabolic end products, compensates for fluid loss and cleans from the inside. Nevertheless, many people find it difficult to drink enough. Especially if it's supposed to be pure water. Therefore, we have put together a few tips and tricks for you to increase your hydration. including: Keeping in reach: Just as fruits and vegetables can be unnoticed in the kitchen until they spoil, but anyone accessing pieces tailored to mouth-to-mouth needs instantly and often access them, often with drinks. Keep them ready to drink and you'll drink more as if by magic. A full glass or a bottle should always be positioned next to you. Especially at work. Provide a change: pure water can be quite boring and bland in the long term. So very. Tea, juice, spritzers, smoothies, water flavored with cucumber, melon, berries, lemon juice or herbs - your imagination knows no bounds. To eat rich in water: vegetables and fruits, soups, chia pudding, vegetable dips, salads - put as many water-rich foods on your diet as possible. These contribute significantly to the hydration, make you full faster and are usually also healthier.

Cinnamon as a Home Remedy for Beautiful Skin

Cinnamon should have a blood circulation-promoting and thereby effect on the skin. However, it should not be brought into direct contact with the skin, since it can also cause irritation due to its stimulating effect. So she is better off in mixtures. So for example in the form of a few drops of cinnamon oil in combination with skin-friendly oils, such as jojoba, almonds or olive. Alternatively, you can add a little cinnamon powder to a scrub.

Lemon As A Home Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin

Lemon, or more precisely lemon juice, is highly recommended by many as a home remedy for the beautiful skin. The acid in it can bleach dark spots on the skin, the vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. However, lemon juice is also quite aggressive, can irritate and dry out the skin. If you want to bleach liver spots and use lemon juice, mix it with honey. This makes it less aggressive but still has a lightening effect. In addition, provide your skin with moisture, such as aloe vera, or use a light oil - such as coconut.

When should you go to the doctor with problem skin?

As mentioned earlier, you should go to the doctor as quickly as possible with skin problems, as early detection and treatment can significantly shorten the duration of therapy. However, a visit to a doctor is highly recommended, especially if:
  • abrupt changes occur
  • it comes to strong, painful inflammation
  • You have pain
  • the well-being suffers or is limited
  • the complaints occur repeatedly
  • Skin lesions spread

The natural beauty radiates from within. A soul at peace with itself and its world is important insofar as it conveys happiness and joy to others.

One of the key tips in this direction is the daily practice of meditation. This allows you to take the time to listen to yourself in silence and create an environment of peace and well-being around.

Yoga can be a good alternative because it allows not only to meditate but also allow for improved blood circulation. This is not new, physical exercises and sports are a great way to keep natural beauty. Doing sports, oxygen flows to all organs via the bloodstream, which contributes to the well-being of your body.

The Cleopatra's Beauty Tips

One of the most important beauty tips is Cleopatra, queen of the ancient and historical figure of female beauty Egypt. Cleopatra massaged the body daily with aloe vera.

The aloe vera gel has emollient properties and gives the skin effect "natural face-lift. Another natural product used as a beauty product comes from coconut. Cucumber sliced and put on the face has often been associated with SPA treatments. The benefits of cucumber do not stop there.
Indeed, the fact that the room is also a good tip for a natural beauty. This fruit/vegetable is inexpensive and has diuretic properties and can help to nourish the skin and prevent wrinkles thanks to its high water content.
Brushing the skin is an important element of natural beauty, it is a great way to remove dead cells accumulated on the skin and helps to improve blood circulation. With a brush to the skin, making a circular motion on your skin while showering. This will do much good for your skin. With simple products accessible to all and that you can find in most stores, you can have the natural beauty of your dreams at a lower cost option is good for your skin. For the sea salt peeling, proceed as follows:
  1. Mix ground coffee, honey, sea salt and yogurt with passion fruit, apricot or peach in equal parts. This is especially easy if you use the empty yogurt cup directly to measure the ingredients.
  2. Take a shower or take a warm bath so that the skin is moist and softens the dander.
  3. Scrub your skin with the scrub in small circles with light pressure.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the residue of the scrub with lukewarm water and provide your skin with the same effects with a moisturizing and moisturizing lotion or home remedy.