Emo Eyes

Emo eyes style remains the most popular. Surely you get the rest easily - sticking straight hair with lots of volume, excessive bangs over one eye and ultra tight clothes. Yet sure even you will be working in the part of makeup. Makeup is key to a real emo style; and your eyeliner look says.   Apply some eyeshadow base on your eyelids. If you did not have this beauty product, the basis functions in the same way. Even if the pen was the only makeup you plan to use in your eyes, is considered a really important step. So, will create a clear foundation on lids, helping you enter the pen smoothly and last longer.   Apply the pencil in your eye, starting at the inner corner of one of them. Make the line as thick, and applies the pencil with a move out to the outer corner of your eye. No one comes to getting a natural daytime look, is that clear? To get an authentic emo look, you should get a dark style.   Apply the pencil below the bottom line of the tab. Keep that very fine line, but works around the eye the same way as before. Repeat with the other eye and you're ready. "Emorrífico"!

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