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Fall-Winter Makeup Trends Foundation Makeup, Eye Makeup

Fall-winter makeup trends what will make the makeup trends for next autumn-winter? Foundation makeup, eye makeup, makeup mouth and nail polish: deciphering the future make-up trends. Sunny days are just that you already installed the present make-up trends for the autumn-winter! Because we at the shelookbook, we love to have a leg up on beauty trends.

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Result, it reveals excluded in makeup that will fly:
  • On the eyes,
  • On the complexion,
  • On the mouth,
  • On the nails.

Eye Makeup Winter

No surprise if I tell you that the eye makeup autumn-winter trend gives pride to dark colors on the eyelids. And end holiday season requires eye shadows are rather iridescent and copper to give a sparkling effect and shine a thousand lights on Christmas Eve.

Makeup Winter Complexion

The pale complexion and gray mine: no thank you! For fall-winter, we take the floor against bad weather and displays a good-glow with colored cheeks and voluntarily worked perfectly tan.

The Makeup Of The Mouth In Winter

We swapped her mouth nude summer to proudly display a carmine lips in winter. The always trend, making up the seam red mouth gives a delicious and elegant effect.

Makeup Winter Nails

Because it is important to be nice to the fingertips, the varnish must also be chosen carefully. In the winter, so we opt for shades of nail polish dark, particularly brown, navy blue and even black. Discover so without further delay all the fall-winter makeup trends and our tips to make your friends green with envy!