2020 2021 Makeup Trends Autumn-Winter Which Have Believed!


In 2020 2021 the makeup trends autumn-winter are already in place or rather on the catwalks of fashion weeks.

The program? Nude dyed, lips lees of wine, smoky graphics, in short, what a treat! It left for the very next make-up trends autumn-winter 2020 2021 that shelookbook.com has already identified for you.

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It’s always on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows during fashion weeks; we mark tomorrow’s trends in fashion, hair, and makeup. And indeed, let’s talk about makeup! What will be the make-up trends autumn-winter 2020 2021.


  • – Makeup complexion?
  • – The eye makeup?
  • – The makeup of the mouth?

The makeup complexion fall-winter 2020 2021:

The nude, again and again.
Once is not custom, for next winter, the complexion is natural.
As can be seen in parades Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, and Versace, this is by far the trend of No make-up wins.

Pink Cheeks.

This winter, do have cold eyes or cheeks!
Then it will use and abuse the mostly pink blush on the cheekbones so doll as the Ashish show.

A “healthy glow” effect.

Without going to the extreme as the Ashish show, we mark another trend of makeup complexion autumn-winter 2018 2019, it is that glowy complexion healthy glow seen on Scott Street or Desigual.

The eyes makeup of the autumn-winter 2020 2021:

The copper on the eyelids.

This is the season of New Year celebrations so we dare iridescent and copper for the most daring on the eyelids.

The advantage of this last color?

It is ideal for all irises as can be seen from the unique show or parade Les Copains. The graph pencil was thought to be finished but no, for autumn-winter 2020 2021, kohl pencil is back and appears unapologetic about our eyes. The proof of the parades Herve Leger, Denis Basso, Walker or Van Noten…

The makeup of the Trends autumn-winter 2020 2021 mouth:

Lips lees of wine

The trend that is on everyone’s lips is that of plum mouth, eggplant.
But the choice, you can wear … mouth full or lips bit effect for those who do less.
Anyway, the result will be waiting for you, you can be sure!

The unbeatable classic red

Timeless, classic chic, red mouth still has good years ahead.
Elegant, sufficient in it even, red lips are still there for the fall-winter 2018 2019 as can be seen on the catwalks as Anna Sui and Trussardi.

>> So, for which trend will you crack?

Makeup trends that are easy to repeat on your own and use in your make-up this fall and winter. Bright and bold – these techniques will extend the summer. We tell how it looks on the catwalk, and how to transfer it to everyday makeup.

Colored Arrows

On the catwalks, strict black arrows changed color and neon. They go not only along the classical line, but are also drawn on the lower eyelid and the crease of the upper.

How to use: choose your shape – wide arrows or just corners. Try different colors of eyeliners, and you can even use a lip tint. The pink arrows are the hit of the season.

Bright Shadows

The juice itself is blue and purple shades. Monotone and nothing more.

How to use: take cream or shadows in a stick of 1 juicy color. If dark shades are not yours, try pastel colors.

Emphasis on Eyelashes

Twiggy-style spider legs are still in fashion. During the day they may not be appropriate, but for the evening promenade, such makeup will be relevant.

Ariana Grande puppy eye dark shadow of the upper eyelids and smoked but false eyelashes are there to complete the final look.

How to use: Apply mascara to several layers, after drying the previous one.

Monochrome Makeup

The most convenient and economical trend. Because for fashionable makeup you will need only 1 product that replaces eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Coral, pink and peach shades are ideal.

Suspenders Women Monochrome Outfit Black White

How to use: you need pigment, you can replace it with lipstick or tint. Make up your eyes (apply shadows or draw arrows), highlight the cheekbones, accentuate and color the lips.

Red Lipstick

Classic never leaves the stage. The most important thing is to choose your own shade because red lipstick goes to everyone.

How to use: apply with clear boundaries or, conversely, make a blurry outline.

Karlie Kloss is never the last to adopt middle snd plated Hairstyles trends red carpet

With make-up, everything is clear, but what about clothes? See the main trends of the 2020/2021 season here.

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