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Christophe Maé, Emma Stone and Rihanna have the same trick seduction: their magnetic look! Check out all the stars that have green eyes! After you have proposed the blue eyes showbiz stars and brown eyes is this week's round magnetic gaze, the mint water look! Celebrity Eyes If blue eyes are sometimes worn without makeup, it is different for stars with green eyes that use and abuse? Delivered a makeup with their hypnotic gaze! Pencil under the eyes to Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna smoky pink, false eyelashes for Lindsay Lohan and eyeliner for Emma Stone all means are good to intensify the look! Version mat, it holds the pencil lines Charlene Witt stock and Noémie Lenoir and in the evening you dare smoky violet Katy Perry or cat's eye Kristen Stewart! It is less a fan of green eyes + makeup Scarlett Johansson look and Tilda Swinton association! The radius guys, there are some interesting specimens, such as Christophe Maé, Liam Hemsworth and Gary Dourdan and here below but their eyes are less penetrating than the girls! Mint look to water it less hot guys in the arctic cold look?