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Skin Care Tips

Essential Skin Care Tips for Younger Looking Skin

Skin Care Tips Tip 1: Focus your diet on your main skin problems, such as rashes or aging and choose your products accordingly.   Tip 2: Do not use too many products. Too much product can cause irritation, dehydrate the skin and make it more sensitive.   Tip 3: Always wash your hands before you wash your face. If you use a washcloth, change it every time to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.   Tip 4: When you clean or exfoliate your face, use small circular movements up and apply a gentle pressure.   Tip 5: Rinse with lukewarm water. Water may dry out your skin too. Cold water is not enough to rinse the cleanser.   Tip 6: Do not wash your face too often. If you wash more than twice a day, you may dry your skin too.   Tip 7: Tonic prepares your skin to absorb the moisturizer well. When the skin is still damp, apply moisturizer to lock moisture.     Tip 8: The important thing is not just the product that you apply, but how you apply it. Take a few seconds to rub moisturizer and massage the face to stimulate circulation and improve your brilliance.   Tip 9: Apply very gently eye cream. Make a complete circle around the eye. Never pull the skin. Apply using your finger. This is your weakest finger, so you do not risk too much pressure.   Tip 10: Apply a little eye cream around the mouth every day. The area around the lips, like that around the eyes, is very delicate and requires extra care.