Privacy Policy

Your Privacy For Us:

For us your private information is very important so this is to notify you that your privacy is in the safe hands and you are not to worry about this as we always use to put this information on the easy approach for you that you can know about our policy and how we use the information in the secured way.

Google Adsense and the Double Click DART Cookie

This Double click cookies is under the use of the third Party that is Google. This vendor provide advertisement to the website that each time a visitor click on the website the vendor use the Cookie to manage the visit and also maintain the other website from where the visitor is coming to your website.

All this information is provided on the official website of Google Ads and in the Google’s own privacy policies in subject of DART Cookies. privacy policy at the following URL

The Third Parties ad server other than Google Advert this cookies are also used to locate the users activities on the website to know that how effectively this advertisement is working. has not use and even no control over these cookies in any concern but it can be used by the third party advertiser.

Collection of Personal Information

When a visitor visit the the information which can be collected by the third party and the system is the the IP address, dates and times of access. This information is also used to track the visitor’s activity on the website and to administer the site, but none of the recorded IP addresses can be linked to personally identifiable information.

Links to Third Party Websites

Well, in this website many of the other website are linked and the links of the other website but we are not sure or responsible for the the privacy policy of these website, it may be different from ours.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

We are free to change the statements which are stated in this page at our discretion.

If any quest you feel that must be asked from us about private policy you may contact us any time.

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