Hair Removal Tips And Tricks! 5 Mistakes To Avoid Making


Hair Removal! Shave dry or forget the scrub stage, it was all done. But the result was not pretty-pretty … Focus on these 5 hair removal mistakes to avoid when you get into waxing.

There are days where we cursed her beauty karma. Because we forgot to test the heat of the wax before applying it to her legs, or because, in the rush, it was cut with the razor. And that has a white skirt without seeing the blood. But we will not give up waxing like Cameron Diaz. In the future, keep in mind these five mistakes to avoid.

Hair removal tips and tricks To Avoid after waxing to soothe sensitized skin
We always test the wax before applying.

Here 5 Hair Removal Mistakes To Avoid …

1. Creamed Before Waxing

Sometimes the skin is so dry that imagines that shreds will leave with the wax strip. Then hydrate prevention is better than cure. Except that creamy skin will not hang the wax, so the hair. Ditto for the epilator. However, it is actually in no way ignore hydration after. For a beautiful skin, it is no secret: you have to moisturize daily and be even more generous after waxing to soothe sensitized skin.

Hair Removal Epilators
The epilator, practical but long. This is not a reason to stop in the middle of an area!

2. Skip Scrub Box

The only authorized carefully before waxing? The scrub will remove dead cells and thus prevent ingrown hairs. It is also the best way to ensure a smooth skin. But provided hydrate after, using a fat product such as petrolatum.

3. Dry Shave

No, no “well, of course,” we have all done it once in our life. One morning, pressed for time, to put a tank top without passing day the arms close to the body. One evening because our sex friend tumbles in 5 minutes. But let us face the facts: it’s painful, the risk of cut is larger, the skin is irritated and ugly pimples may appear regrowth. Shaving is the quickest way to remove hair, but it must be done within the rules of art. Namely damp skin with a special gel and in the direction of hair growth.

Hair Removal Razor, never use dry
Hair Removal Razor, never use dry

4. Expose Yourself To The Sun After Waxing

When we shaved wax, it flees the sun for at least a day. Because even with a good sunscreen, skin, sensitized hair removal, may be burned.

5. Proceed In Stages

The epilator, let us agree to say is long. Especially after two areas (underarms and bikini for example), it starts to heat up. For those yet to do, it looks complicated. But it is important not to be interrupted in the middle zone. Because it involves two stages of regrowth, so the legs, underarms or bikini never really nickel.

If you left a little too much time pass since last hair removal, and that you have work to do to kill everything, cut the pear in two. One evening suit and leg, the next day the armpits. It will also decrease the pain!

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