Dry hair, dandruff, split ends hair loss?

If you have problems with your hair or just want to do something good for your hair. you are right here. We will tell you how to make hair treatments yourself, with ingredients that are already in stock at home.

Although there are numerous care products and styling products in the retail trade which promise miraculous results. the chemical substances and silicones contained therein can permanently damage the hair. By making a hair treatment yourself. you will maintain your mane in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner. First, find out which type of hair. you are – dry, greasy, mixed or normal. Then find the right ingredients for your hair.

Hair Treatment For Dry Hair.

Often brittle and dry hair is a result of protein deficiency because proteins make the hair strong and give it strength, flexibility, and elasticity. Hair consists of 90 percent of keratin fibers, which the body produces from proteins. For this reason, it is recommended to eat at least 120 grams of high-quality protein per day. You can also choose protein-rich ingredients for your hair treatment.

Dry Hair Treatment

Eggs contain many proteins and have a positive effect on the hair. In particular, the yolk is used for hair treatments. To make her wales seem so beautiful, US star Blake Lively reaches for mayonnaise. It makes some sense because the Mayo consists mainly of egg yolk and oil. Due to the Mayo cure, the hair tips and lengths are protected against drying out and remain supple. Natural yogurt is also rich in proteins and supplies the hair with nutrients, which are important for the hair structure. A hair treatment with coconut milk is also very suitable for dry and brittle hair.

Due to the Mayo cure. the hair tips and lengths are protected against drying out and remain supple. Natural yogurt is also rich in proteins and supplies the hair with nutrients, which are important for the hair structure. A hair treatment with coconut milk is also very suitable for dry and brittle hair.

Yourself Making Egg Mayonnaise Lemon For Hair Treatment

Recipe for an olive oil egg honey + hair care.

  • 50 ml of olive oil
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tbsp honey

For medium hair, you need about half a cup of the hair treatment. If you have very long and thick hair, use more olive oil. With short hair, you can reduce the amount of oil.

Oil in a water bath or microwave oven for 15 – 20 seconds. It must not boil. Then the honey is added. It is said to liquefy itself by the heat of the oil. Finally, the egg yolk is added to the cooled oil-honey mixture. Stir thoroughly with a snow began.

Apply the treatment to the hair and massage from the tip to the tips. Hair should be slightly damp. So it is easier to distribute the cure in the hair. Alternatively, you can only add the dry tips to the spa.

Yourself make towel wrap turban For Hair Treatment

Bind the hair to a duty and put on a shower cap. It is intended to increase the potency of the individual ingredients. If you do not have a shower cap, you can wrap the hair in foil. A towel top is then wrapped. Leave in for 20 – 30 minutes. Then wash the hair with shampoo and lukewarm or cool water to remove excess egg and oil.

Moisturizing hair care.

For extremely dry hair a simple egg oil mask is not enough. One has to add more moisturizer to make the hair treatment even more effective. The honey, for example, provides the hair roots with more moisture and does the scalp well. You can add another tablespoon of the following ingredients: aloe vera gel, milk, ripe avocado, mango or banana.

Yourself Make Dry Hair Moisturizing Avocado Milk Honey For Hair Treatment

Hair treatment for greasy hair.

Protein frees the fast-fatting hair from excess tallow and makes it soft and shiny. Apple lessens brings the natural pH value of the scalp back into balance and combats itching and dandruff. Also, lemon juice helps to decrease the hair, because it closes the pores on the scalp and reduces the fat production.

For apple cider and lemon rinsing. you need 1 glass of water. 1 teaspoon apple cider and the juice of a lemon. Mix the mixture over the hair and immediately rinse thoroughly. If your hair is not very greasy. you should use this rinse a maximum of once a month.

Yourself Make Greasy Hair Apple Vinegar Healing Earth For Hair Treatment

Fatty scalp and hair growth benefit from a hair treatment with healing. It extracts excess fat and cleanses clogged sebaceous glands. 5 tablespoon healers are mixed with 500 ml lukewarm water to a thick liquid dough and distributed over the hair. After 5 minutes rinse with lukewarm water. The washing with the healer is also suitable for waves and curls. So the curls are defined fantastically. You can also add some aloe vera gel.

Against hair loss.

Many women suffer from hair loss. especially after pregnancy and in menopause. Brewer’s yeast works best against hair loss and allows the hair to grow faster. It contains valuable vitamins, minerals, and proteins that promote the growth of the hair.

Brewer’s yeast is also good for a beautiful hair volume and a healthy luster. It can be used alone by dissolving 1 packet of dry yeast or 1 half cubic meter of fresh yeast in 100 ml of lukewarm water or it can be mixed with other ingredients such as honey, olive oil, egg yolk, and vinegar.

Yourself Making Hair Loss Brewing Yeast Growth Promoting For Hair Treatment

Hair treatment against dandruff and itching scalp.

When treating dandruff it is worth first figuring out what kind of scalp and dandruff you have. Dry skin needs a different care than oily skin with barky dandruff. For dry, scaly skin, a hair treatment of castor oil and olive oil and an apple cessation flask.

For greasy skin and barky scales, tea tree oil provides relief. It possesses strong antifungal properties and can counteract inflammation and irritation. For a hair treatment simply mix 20 drops of essential tea tree oil with 50 ml of coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the mixture to the hair and scalp and let it work for 30 minutes. Repeat the application 1 to 2 times a week.

DIY Honey Lemon-Scale For Hair Treatment

Honey is also an effective remedy for dandruff and itching. It has an antibacterial effect and protects the scalp from infections and bacteria. Note, however, that honey can also lighten your hair. For this, honey is diluted with warm water and applied to the scalp every second day. You can also add a few tablespoons of lemon juice. For 2-3 minutes gently massage into the scalp, leave to soak for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Coconut oil.

One of the best ways to revitalize dry hair, curb hair loss and lend the hair more luster and volume is coconut oil. It has a nourishing effect on hair, hair roots and scalp and is a perfect all-round remedy for all problems with the hair. Coconut oil as a hair treatment is best used before the hair wash.

Yourself Making Coconut Oil Growth For Hair Treatment

Simply heat 4 tbsp of coconut oil slowly in the water bath to make it liquid. Simply massage with the hands into the dry hair and scalp. Then wrap the hair in a towel and let it act for 30 minutes. Who would like the coconut oil with egg yolk and honey? Recommended is a cure per week for dry hair.

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