The labs compete to create wrinkle cold cream cosmetics. In recent years, the cold cream in the composition of many moisturizers. Refreshing, it delicately perfumes the skin. But what are its benefits for the skin?

What is a cold cream?

In recent years, the products in cold cream invade the shelves of cosmetics. Many creams appear this term to prove their anti-wrinkle efficacy. But this expression comes from England and means “cold cream”.

Cold CreamShe appeared with creams that provided a strong feeling of freshness on the skin. The first cold cream was invented by a doctor in the second century with the beeswax and the rose water.

This formula is now taken up by the cosmetic industry for its nutritional and protective qualities. Soothing and anti-irritant, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Why and when a cold cream?

The cold cream is known to protect the skin. It helps to soothe, repair and protect the skin. Particularly appreciated when temperatures become extreme, it forms a protective veil on the skin.

In winter, when temperatures are very cold, a cold cream is ideal to protect against attacks. Acting as a cover, it is used mainly in cold weather.

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When the sun shines and temperatures rise, its composition may be too rich. However, it is quite possible to use when the thermometer exceeds 25 degrees!

You can spray a little thermal water after application to avoid over shine. On the delicate skin of babies, it is recommended to apply. Effective for all the family, it can be used by both children by adults!

If a cream cold cream is a wrinkle ally, it is mainly because it deeply moisturizes. And it’s not just the dry skin that is concerned! The combination and oily skin may also suffer from dehydration.

The cold cream booked to face?

If creams cold cream are most often used on the face, it is also possible to apply to other body parts. Found increasingly cosmetics which incorporate in their composition.

These shower gels, cleansing milk, and these cleansers are particularly effective to make any soft. For those with dry hands and feet, cold cream products are very effective!

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Take care of yourself by performing a light massage thoroughly into the cream. Also, take the time to read in detail the composition of products. Turn to natural and organic cosmetics without chemicals.

Delicately perfumed creams cold cream in attracting more and more women. And we understand why! The skin is softer, more luminous complexion, shine or snow.

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