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Natural beauty tips with the approach of autumn the temperatures cool and the air becomes drier. It is more difficult for the skin to maintain proper hydration and it tends to lose its luster. The most common symptoms of this “autumn skin” include redness, fine lines and dullness with a few simple steps; it is possible to maintain your healthy glow summer.

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Skin Protected And Hydrated

Natural beauty tips in autumn, the skin needs special care even if the sun tend to decrease, it is important to continue to use sun protection to prevent premature aging of the skin. Apply a moisturizer for your skin type to help replenish the fat from the skin. Sensitive skin requires the use of gentle products containing no dyes or preservatives. Prefer natural treatments, herbal moisturizing and soothing virtues.

Sensitive skin Natural Beauty

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause hyper pigmentation spots often located on the hands and face. Although harmless, it is best to consult a dermatologist if in doubt to exclude malignancy. However, the wisest solution is to prevent the appearance of such spots in protecting you from the sun.

Natural beauty tips to overcome the harsh climatic conditions, you must moisturize your skin from the outside and the inside. Drink at least 1.5 liters per day. Natural beauty tips, Limit your alcohol intake and prefer water, juices and teas which will give you the vitamins and minerals essential for cell renewal.

Nutrients for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

A balanced diet helps to maintain effective mechanisms to protect the skin. Enjoy fruits and vegetables in season to the full of vitamins. Pumpkin and melon are rich in beta-carotene which is converted in the body into vitamin A, responsible for hydration and cell renewal. Other arytenoids pigments found especially in spinach and kale and lycopene from tomato prevent skin aging as for vitamin C; it remains the most effective antioxidant and is involved in collagen production. So do not skimp on the citrus!

Nutrients for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

Certain dietary supplements may also be beneficial: the yeast is rich in B vitamins and trace elements that help strengthen hair and improve the health of nails and skin. Silicon in the composition of collagen, giving elasticity to connective tissue & naturally present in the envelope of fruits and whole grains, it can also be taken in tablet form in case of failure.

Take Care of Your Nails and Your Feet!

The nails also suffer from climate change occurring in autumn. They become brittle and can flake off. It is advisable to avoid soaps too aggressive and regularly apply a moisturizer. Hint: when you file the nails avoid moving back and forth which tend to split the nail.

Nails and Your Feet

Natural beauty tips in summer, the skin of the feet thickens as it is more exposed to the external environment. Result: a horny layer is formed the skin overlying the heels dries and cracks. In addition to being unsightly, these cracks can turn into painful cracks. To remedy this, exfoliate your feet regularly with a pumice stone by insisting on the heels. Once released from these dead skin, your feet will be ready to absorb an emollient cream urea or natural oils.

Remember that your skin and hair reflect your overall health. Ensure a healthy diet, avoid smoking and regular physical activity are essential for glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair.

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