Long Eyelashes Are The New Eye Beauty Trend 2021 2022


Long eyelashes are officially the new Beauty trend! Having dense and expressive eyebrows the top was even hot and decorated the attention of the young women is one centimeter below – on the eyelashes. Designers, stylists, bloggers, and influencers are now focusing on it and everyone wants to have full, dense and eye-catching eyelashes.

Applying several layers of mascara is not a secret, but if it really is enough?

In addition to different types of eyelash extensions, there are also tips and tricks that can significantly improve the condition of real hairs. How can you get long eyelashes, what really works and what is actually dangerous for health, we reveal in the post.

Full Eyebrows And Long Eyelashes

Long Eyelash Trend Beauty Eyebrows Cara Delevingne

Full eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have totally conquered the beauty world. They are still very much in demand, although now long eyelashes are in the foreground.

Through microblading or permanent make-up, the desired shape and density of the eyebrows can be achieved visually and the result also lasts longer compared to make-up.


Long Eyelashes: What Options Are There?

What is true for the eyebrows, it is also for the eyelashes: The longer and fuller, the better. Here, the trend is for striking lashes in front. In the magazines and on the Internet, the models & Co. inspire with extremely long, voluminous eyelashes, which conjure a magnetic view.

Long Eyelash Trend Beauty Lashes Naturally Swinging

The effective look for a shoot, however, has nothing to do with reality and everyone must be aware of that. Stylists usually resort to false eyelashes and the photos are also edited with Photoshop. But it does not necessarily have to be artificial eyelashes. With the help of other methods and tools, you can get the best out of your own little hair.


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