Best Makeup Products What’s New Make-Up Side IN 2019


Best makeup products in makeup side, it was all fetishes products which we do would separate it for the world. sometimes the novelty it feels good!

These Makeup Products Belong In Every Desk Drawer

Whether you are unvarnished: These beauty essentials must not be missing in any desk drawer

Makeup Products

Anyone knows, who has ever been unvarnished at work certainly.

the scenario: Suddenly, an important meeting is convened or the colleagues spontaneously decide to go to a bar after work.

In those moments you wish you had spent some time in your makeup in the morning.

instead of sleeping as long as possible.

After all, a makeup, much like your favorite outfit.

can give you more confidence.

the future, you should equip your desk drawer with the following beauty must-haves:

1. Concealer

Concealer is a real all-rounder. If it corresponds exactly to your skin tone, it is ideal for covering pimples and impurities. A concealer that is a few shades lighter makes you instantly alert when you apply it in the area under the eyes.

You can also apply bright concealer on the lipstick to make the lips look fuller, or along the zygomatic bone as a substitute for highlighter.

2. Mascara

For a waking, radiant look, mascara is a must. It is best to use a waterproof version, as it is particularly long-lasting. Do not forget to shower the lower eyelashes as well, otherwise the look will look incomplete.

3. Lipstick

Whether you’re completely unvarnished or your make-up has worn off during the day, with a lipstick in your favorite color, you’ll feel ready in no time and ready for the after-work cocktail.

If your complexion is dull and tired after a hard day at work, you can also use the lipstick as a blush replacement. Just dab the color with the ring finger on the cheeks – finished is a harmonious look.

4. Fixing Spray

You invested time in make-up in the morning, but in the evening, the foundation and powder settle in the wrinkles or clog your pores? Then breathe new life into the complexion with the help of a fixative spray!

 It instantly gives a fresh radiance and invigorates the skin. Some fixative sprays are enriched with special ingredients such as chamomile or green tea to inhibit inflammation and tighten the skin. Whether matt or with glow effect: there is the right spray for every need.

5. Hand Cream

Frequent hand washing, heating air and air conditioning systems strain our skin every day and ensure dry hands. Therefore you should definitely store a hand cream at the workplace. The texture should not be too greasy, so there are no ugly spots on the mouse or keyboard.

Another argument in favor of hand cream on the desk: it should better protect against colds than disinfectants! This often contains alcohol, which dries out the skin and makes it even more susceptible to germs.

Extra Tip: Vaseline

For Make-up-Lazy Vaseline is a must, because she is a true beauty all-rounder. Applied to the cheekbones, Vaseline is suitable as a highlighter replacement. Mix Vaseline with some lipstick, gets lip gloss. If you have an eyelash brush on hand Vaseline helps to get the eyebrows into shape.

Make-Up Side

The Best Make-up Side in 2019

Makeup 2019 under the sign of technological prowess constantly looking for the best conceivable formulations, big names in cosmetics fold in 4 to put us in value.

As a result, 2019 will be an excellent vintage make-up side.

Here is our favorite heart:

Lancôme presents a foundation perfecting fluid named “Miracle Air Foundation.”

Another foundation you say?

Well no!

This fluid is much more than a foundation?

In contact skin, background (because 90% air compound) and turns into powder that blurs everything in its path.
Thus, the complexion is matte, the skin irregularities erased!

Also for the beauty of our eyes, Rimmel mascara King Launches in 2019 mascara whose snake-like brush allows a curvature and an unparalleled volume!

Finally, it ends with Guerlain Meteorites that modernizes its mythical bubble in blush!
You see what it is?

The result is breathtaking. – Varnishes – up foundation, – Blush – Eye Shadows, – Mascara – Palettes for eyes – Lipsticks – Gloss,

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