How to Apply Makeup To Look Natural Before And After [2021 2022]

How to Apply Makeup

How to apply makeup to look natural, the first thing you need to do to make sure your makeup is successful; is, first of all, to take good care of your skin. Use a moisturizer on your skin, this cream will make your skin more radiant and more beautiful. You can apply with the fingertips or a sponge.

A well-hydrated skin makes makeup application. More your skin is smooth. pus your makeup last longer.

How to Apply Makeup To Look Natural Step By Step

Apply Your Cream

How to Apply Eye Cream

How to apply makeup to use a special cream for the eye area because the skin around the eyes is delicate and sensitive. Cream for the eye must be refined to penetrate the skin.

Use a daily eye cream, this will help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

How to Apply Makeup + Foundation Fund

Creamy Foundation

The next step is to apply makeup foundation. Use a creamy foundation to cover blemishes and give your skin an even finish and natural.

Avoid applying too much foundation; it might give your face a mask-worn appearance. Apply makeup foundation with a brush to ensure uniformity across the face.

Start the application by the center of the face

Apply Makeup Concealer

How to apply concealer under eyes

The concealer can hide blemishes and imperfections, its use is recommended to conceal dark circles, spots, and buttons. Apply your concealer under the eyes around the nose and mouth and put a little on the chin.

It is preferable for the application of concealer using a concealer brush. It looks like a little brush used for the background color except it is a little thinner it is intended to be applied to smaller areas and targeted.

Put a few drops of concealer around the eyes and spread them with the brush do not forget to apply on the nose around the mouth and on the chin for a more uniform and natural finish.

Apply Makeup Powder

How to Apply Makeup To Look Natural

How to apply makeup to look natural after applying foundation and concealer, apply a touch of powder. The application of the powder is ideal for a day on the areas of your face that tend to be a bit brighter, it also helps to set your foundation and add a natural finish to your face.

It is preferable to use a translucent powder to keep your skin is orange or pink. Consider using a powder brush and begin applying it to the center of the face.

Apply Makeup Blush

how to apply makeup to look natural

The next step is to apply the blush. Blush makes your face look healthy and radiant. Choose a pink complexion and apply directly on the cheekbones. Do not put too much also.

Natural Makeup: Our Tips For A Nude Make-Up

Contrary to what one might think, displaying nice natural makeup requires a good helping hand. Or rather brushes. So if you are a fan of natural make-up and want to be beautiful without being too much makeup:

shelookbook offers her tips for nude makeup and discreet, perfectly mastered. Let’s go for coaching to make natural makeup to reveal all your beauty.

For a powdery and discreet makeup, the shelookbook delivers you the tricks of mineral makeup. For a natural and organic makeup, offers all the beauty products that will make you a natural woman.

Natural Makeup Tips For A Nude Makeup

Nude makeup: make skin clear

For a successful nude makeup, it must first get rid of imperfections of the complexion.

We start by removing makeup every night. And be careful, we remove makeup even when we are tired. Go to bed with her evening make-up is the assurance of having pimples.

Then, one moisturizes his skin well. Morning and evening. To apply a day cream and an eye contour, it is to preserve the youth capital of its skin.

Step 2: a natural complexion

For a perfect complexion, the shelookbook offers you a selection of foundations, blushes, and correctors. To you the zero-defect makeup and the peach complexion! For a matte complexion, draw in our selection of products. Finish the complexion that shines!

And above all, that does not create delimitation between the neck and the face. To do well, apply a fluid foundation with a suitable brush. The brush will reproduce the grain of skin while the fingers will unify way dyed porcelain.

We also apply concealer and/or concealer for perfect skin. And if we want to get started in the pro version, we dare to contour the face.

Do not hesitate to insist on the T zone to avoid shining during the day.

Nude makeup: a fresh look

To look better, it is sometimes enough to have the look rested. Just for your eyes, the shelookbook offers you her makeup secrets to open the eyes.

You have to work the eye shadow like a smokey but using natural hues. Beige and gold. To open the eye, you can cheat by applying a dark beige makeup in the crease of the eyelid.

And above all, a good mascara and to you the eyes of hinds very natural. Not to mention makeup his eyebrows. We start by brushing them properly before drawing them with a special eyebrow mascara.

How to make a nude makeup?

Not easy to make a beautiful naked mouth? shelookbook delivers you the tricks of makeup artists for a natural and sexy mouth, chewable.

And for a nude makeup at the top, the shelookbook offers the advice of the pros. Good looks, perfect complexion and organic makeup: discover the best makeup tips!

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