Choosing The Right Makeup For Brown Eyes In the Evenings


The right makeup for brown eyes that colors and textures to disguise what my brown eyes?

Here are some tips for choosing the ideal range when you have brown eyes.

Advice Makeup For Brown Eyes

Makeup For Brown EyesThe advantage when you have brown eyes is that almost all the colors we are going well, starting to the brown.

Makeup for brown eyes for a soft look, it is advisable to choose blush pink or nude. If the goal is to highlight the eye color it is best to turn to the warm tones of brown or chocolate.


Dark colors are also allowed as dark gray, ivory, pearl, iridescent beige and black. For a less conventional makeup, it is possible to apply dark green or orange.

To be at the top of the trend of winter navy blue and electric blue are recommended. In the evenings are adopting glamorous metallic colors: gold, bronze, copper or silver. For those who want a discreet makeup, need, a touch of mascara and a simple black line is sufficient.

How To Enhance The Makeup Look?

Makeup LookThe weapon of choice for intense eyes are vibrating mascara and eyeliner. To do this we first follow the contour of eyelashes with eyeliner or kohl pencil redraw history.

Then, apply a touch of copper, purple or violet is at the center of the eyelid or on the outer corner of the eye or to give the intensity of colors. It is advisable to bite between the eyelid and the arcade well intensify the look. Then applied mascara to intensify the look by pressing firmly at the base of the lashes.


However, you should avoid stress lengths. The final touch is to make a line of eyeliner along the lash line. However, for the result to be perfect, it needs to draw a small line just to enrich eyelash fringe.

Good Makeup For Brown Eyes Colors

With the festive season, you will be adopting shining metallic colors for your makeup brown eyes. Why not get the gold eyeshadow for example.

Makeup For Brown Eyes Colors

Pencil side it is better to turn to black, brown, plum or blue, just to follow trends. However, for the blue, you must banish the highlights not to produce a contrast effect. This principle is also valid for the makeup green to Avoid pale colors and prefer khaki example. In fact, too light shades tend to yellow whites of the eyes not ideal when you want to enhance its look or enhance the color of her eyes.

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