5 Model Hair Extensions Trends With Human Hairstyles Ideas


Hair Extensions And Hair Thickening With Human Hair (Extensions)

Long, full hair with the hair-talk extension technology – how does that work?

Yes, Prince’s hair extensions or hair thickening with real hair is the solution for you, if you do not want to wait for your natural hair growth!

We follow the wishes of our customers. The hair extension takes place in a separate room – Enjoy the peace and privacy.

Human hair grows on average one to 1.5 inches a month. From short hair to long mane, it takes several years in most cases. Much can happen to your hair during this time. Even the environmental influences leave their mark on your hair. With hair extensions, also known as extensions, or hair thickening, we at Prinzen offer you the opportunity to help nature at any time! Within just one hour we bring your hair to the desired length and volume.

Are you not from Hannover? We are happy to help you choose a hotel in the immediate vicinity.

Let us advise you on your hair extension or hair thickening, the matching hairstyle and the high-level technique we use without obligation, you will receive a binding quote.
We decided on hair extensions – the original tape extender system!

The conventional methods of hair extensions were previously only using heat, ultrasound or metal possible to incorporate in the hair.

This method has the great advantage of being able to build very flat connections that unobtrusively connect with your own hair and are in no way recognizable as extensions.

Q: What does the hair extension or compression of the prince with the Hairtalk method compare to the technique with solid compounds such? B. Bondings so popular?

A: If you look at the usual hair extension methods, we find that HairTalk’s cold glueing technique is especially gentle on the hair.

The adhesive tapes are very flat and go with every movement of your hair. On request, these tapes can be covered with real hair and thus guarantee an absolute non-visibility of the tapes.

Due to the very thin material of the tapes, no change will be noticeable neither when sleeping nor when stroking through the hair.

The result is long-lasting, for at least three months, and after this period can be solved by our extension artist with a specially developed spray to fix it directly to your hairline

Q: How do we achieve a very long shelf life of the extensions?

A: In the cold glue technique without much time and without pain, the result is like “new”.

Q: What about my visit to the sauna or swimming pool and sports?

A: The effect of sun, water or heat (sauna) does not affect the quality of your extension guaranteed!
To ensure trouble-free combing, we recommend tying the hair to a loose braid as soon as you go to bed.

Q: What is the correct care of the extension?

A: We offer a hair care series, which are especially suitable for the care of extensions. The hair care products of Hairtalk contain rich caring substances without the addition of oil and alcohol.

A little tip: Avoid washing your hair upside down as far as possible and ensure that you do a thorough daily combing so that it does not cause any confusion in your hair.

The advantages of our extension system at a glance:

  • 100% human hair quality in hair compaction and hair extensions
  • Full and long hair within an appointment
  • The method is gentle on your natural hair
  • No pain in pressure
  • Available in any hair color found in nature
  • Incomparable patented and proven procedure
  • Without technology to install and remove
  • Used exclusively by certified professionals
  • In all shades, also “crazy colors” or “fun tones” for special effects possible
  • Extensions in ombré look and with highlights effect in all hair colors possible

Trends hair extensions now no stranger to the girls but not everyone knows the present, the market is 5 technically speaking girlfriend to are many options.

Model 1 is where more sandwiches, but not stuck up like other pot. The downside of this type is easily broken but hair with thin hair and were very heavy, because it is made up the cost.

Model 2 is where bim glue. Braided finished, glue on small, easily broken hair micro braids too long time plus glue cause injury prone environment where real hair right. Another disadvantage is easy to get hurt when the sports board and hair loss often oxidized colloidal behavior.

Model 3 is where sap: spread 1 small car tep toc toc toc real and connected to each other, but the durability of this type is not long and not be exposed to heat & Hair prone to aggregate and very difficult to sport hair out, easy to become confused when going swimming.

Model 4 is where her enthusiasm, more modern one where she collapsed with heat added external protection. But this style also not is exposed to heat and also very difficult to board sports.

Model 5 is where fiberglass fibers, also known as the cradle only Chun. This type does not use chemicals, undaunted fracture or rift to as in normal speech, very easy board dedicated to the sport, it only takes 5 minutes.

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