20 Skin Care Tips! A Luminous Complexion With The Technique Of Brightening


A beautiful complexion is not just a question of genes, but also of expertise. So that you are well informed, the latest studies, the best active ingredients, and home remedies are available here at a glance.

Whoever suffers from particularly dry skin should remember the keyword “Aquaporine”. These promote the skin’s moisture storage and ensure an optimal supply of water.

The 2003 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the new active ingredient. This is why modern moisturizers also rely on the mini water suppliers (e.g. “Pure & Natural” series from Nivea, “Aquaporine Active” from Eucerin, “Intense Moisture Formula” from Biodroga ).


If you have couperose, you should avoid everything that triggers heat build-up in the skin: sauna, steam bath, but also intensive body packs. And be careful with oils, because they form a light film on the skin and thus cause a jam. Exception: the quickly absorbed and light drying oils (e.g. “Peau d’Age” by Méthode Jeanne Piaubert ).


ARE THE ENEMY of every cell! This is why doctors have been preaching for years: Consume enough anti-oxidants through vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables (e.g. currants, oranges, kiwis, peppers, carrots), dark fruit juices – Fortunately, red wine is also possible – and take care of the Skin for sufficient UV protection.

Most creams contain radical scavengers by default. Unfortunately, the skin uses up an infinite amount of the protective substance. Fortunately, the research works for us!

There have been really smart antioxidants since 2011. These regenerate themselves in the skin and simply protect for longer (e.g. in “Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant” cream from Estée Lauder ).


Retinol is the No. 1 agent for fighting wrinkles among dermatologists worldwide. They call it “Gold Standard” because it works so well. However, it can cause irritation on sensitive skin. But even the sensitive can freely “develop”.

There are now very good alternatives – well ahead: the active ingredient Plantscription. It is made up of extracts from the African Anogeissus tree, Siegesbeckia, and rosemary, and its effect is said to come close to that of retinol to 88 percent.

And without any side effects (in “Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum” from Origins). The essential oil of the rose geranium qualified for this job in a similarly convincing manner (in “Baume Volupté Fermenté” by Sanoflore ).


Petra @ Home tip for well-groomed feet: soak in a warm footbath for ten minutes, scrub down the coarsest with a special foot file, and then apply a thick urea foot cream (e.g. from LCN). Then put each foot in a plastic bag and put it back in the warm bath for ten minutes. Well bagged!

THE SHINS are dry, stained, unsightly? Add a few drops of anti-frizz silicone oil and the skin will quickly become silky smooth.


Because the white splendor is something like the crème de la crème of care substances and should not be missing in any refrigerator. The high-fat content (30%), as well as the calcium, potassium, and vitamins in the cream, are a real balsam, especially for stressed skin: beat half a cup for a mask, fold in 1 teaspoon of wheat flour, apply, allow to dry, rinse off.

Liquid cream is also a great cleaner, as a natural emulsifier, it gently removes dirt and make-up residues from the skin: Mix a dollop with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, apply to a pad and clean the face with it.


An important date, a big entrance, and at least one pimple pop up. Just don’t use toothpaste now, because it’s not, as many believe, a magic remedy. Fluorine and emulsifiers can actually make the disaster worse.

Better: Apply healing earth from the health food store. It works by reducing inflammation and reducing swelling and redness.


Highly interesting and highly complicated topic! To put it simply: all relevant cell information is stored there, and that is exactly what makes it interesting for anti-aging cosmetics.

That’s why Dior began research ten years ago and has since developed several miracle molecules to protect stem cells.

But it’s not just the human cell that has it all: Swiss laboratories have discovered promising possibilities in apple stem cells to help the skin repair it.

Here are the best research results so far, e.g. B. “Capture Total” from Dior, “Super Booster” from Marbert, “M Cream” from 3Lab, “Skin Absolue Precious Cells” from Lancôme.

08- SLIM LEGS ON COMMAND, that would be nice …

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! However, the two hear the “water march order” if you consistently drink nettle-parsley tea for a day.

This drains and detoxifies massively: cut a bunch of fresh parsley into small pieces and bring to the boil with the roots in 1 liter of water, keep it at the boiling point for five minutes, add 4 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves, let it steep for five minutes. And cheers!


it’s not that easy to get it clean. Dermatologists argue e.g. B. still asked whether it is enough to freshen up in the morning only with water and without detergent, and unfortunately no absolute result.

One thing is certain: sensitive skin should opt for pure water after getting up. Smokers, on the other hand, definitely go for a cleaning product, as they detoxify overnight.

For cleaner users of all kinds, the following applies: If the skin is still tense half an hour after washing WITHOUT applying the cream, the agent is too aggressive. Coldwater can reduce the cleaning power of the products, while hot water can dry out the skin. Therefore, please always rinse lukewarm!


Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! “UV rays ensure that the horny layer thickens up to 60 times,” explains Dr. Helge Stege, a dermatologist at the Lippe Dermatology Clinic.

This means that sebum is even more difficult to drain off and produces new impurities. “In addition, every tan is harm from too much UVB radiation. So please always wear sunscreen in the sun!

”Not yet convinced: US studies have shown that it is not just a vacation under palm trees, but the daily dose of the sun that can age the skin.


We recommend a model from the S-Class: A serum is the product of choice when the skin deserves extra pats. But: Please never use the concentrates alone, because: “A serum usually does not have a moisturizing or nourishing effect and generally has no UV protection.

That’s why you always use it under your normal day or night cream, ”explains Dr. Volker Kallmayer, laboratory manager and product developer at Beiersdorf Skin Care.

In order to be able to dissolve more active ingredients such as vitamin C, it often needs a particularly liquid consistency (e.g. in “Skin Tone Correcting Serum” from Korres ).


Rapid relief from drought disasters is available thanks to “Meine Base” (in the health food store). With a special mix of minerals, the powder draws unhealthy acids out of the skin and makes it supple again. After application, massage in oil (e.g. “Rose Oil” from Dr. Hauschka). Important: Oils work best on damp skin.

GIVE IT SOUR! Horny skin on knees and elbows is best fought with a little fresh lemon. Your fruit acid solves the flaky problem.


STRANGE ROSES OR PITCHES in the side of the neck? “If skin changes occur here, this is definitely a case for the doctor,” knows the dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve from Munich.


EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT DINNER CANCELING, but what does that have to do with the skin?

A lot: if the body does not receive any more food 14 hours before getting up, it does not have to worry about digestion at night. Instead, the production of growth hormones is stimulated, which not only stimulates the burning of fat but also regenerate the DNA of the cells and damage z. B. repair by the sun. So sometimes starvation makes you nice!


DRY LIPS are really hard to get to grips with. A new technique is now intended to provide permanent relief: Hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips – not to be confused with lip injections! -, it cushions so minimally and supplies your skin with maximum moisture.


THE COCONUT WATER “VITA COCO” is not without reason the new it-drink of the beautiful and rich! Allegedly Madonna and Demi Moore have already secured shares in the company. It is rich in trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and also detoxifies.


ROUGH HANDS are not an issue in Asia. But a case for henna, provided you have a little time: stir a teaspoon of neutral, colorless (!) Henna powder from the health food store into 100ml of olive oil and apply it to your hands. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, then rinse off.

The passing years leave their mark on our skin. Gradually spots appear on our skin and unwanted wrinkles from aesthetic specialists are there to remove or reduce various signs of aging but can also use their services to get a “brightening”, a new technique of light, and restore radiance to the face.

A Luminous Complexion With The Technique Of Brightening

18- Where Is The New Trend of Brightening?

If women are turning to this stunt is because by dint of buying creams to fill wrinkles, they ended up getting a reason: wrinkles fade but never disappear.

However, a wrinkled face is not less attractive another, depending on the skin condition. A 50 year old woman with nice legs and geese will be beaming brighter than a girl of 30 years certainly smooth the skin, but dull.

19- Care Institute In Bang

In the salon, the esthetician will provide care to reduce wrinkles while refining the pores of the skin. These treatments will act on the surface of the skin but also in depth.

Their goal will be to fight against excess melanin, tasks, regulate blood circulation and eliminate oxidized lipids in the skin, partly responsible for the tarnishing.

20- Brightening Effect at Home

For glowing skin, there are also many products that you can apply daily at home for this much sought brightening.

Here is our selection:

  • Luminescence Light Cream Lierac: a cream that detoxifies the skin and restores radiance to your complexion light.
  • Concentrate Shiseido Intensive Stain: A fresh gel which hydrates and brightens the skin.
  • Pro correcting deep spots Vichy: a corrective treatment that acts on dark spots, sun and aging.

You can also try the treatment for a visible result within the outside by a course of tablets. To do this, Anti-Aging Cellular you will have a more toned body and skin brighter.

A healthy lifestyle for a radiant complexion

Anyway, to put all the chances on your side and get luminous skin, you must:

– Drinking water daily
– Refrain from smoking,
– Well cleansing the evening
– Apply a moisturizer day and night to allow the cells to regenerate,
– Thinking to protect themselves when exposed to sunlight.

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