Acne Problem Tips – 19 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne


Acne Problem has every second women’s. How to get rid of acne that is impressive acne problem tips

Do not worry. There are many treatment methods and ways to get rid of acne.

Indeed, it is a concern for women to the point where I am not confident about going out to meet people.

“Arghhh, which kind of acne can occur too.”
Is it usual to experience this situation every time you look in the mirror in the morning?

Here are 19 ways to get rid of acne that have been proven to coward acne properly, safely, and easily.

1- ALOE VERA – Acne Problem

How to get rid of acne fast is to use Aloe Vera or aloe vera leaves.

If you are growing it at home, it is a bonus even more so for those of you who are dealing with acne problems!

The gel contained in Aloe Vera leaves said to help properly whip up acne.

But if there are no original ingredients, that’s okay because in the pharmacy there are various types of Aloe Vera gel for sale.

How to use it is quite easy:

Take the mucus in the aloe vera or gel that you bought, rub it all over the face or the scarred area, and leave it overnight.


Tamarind is not only a flavoring for food, but this natural ingredient is also useful for getting a smooth face free from acne scars.

The trick is just mix a little tamarind with empty water and make it in the form of pes. Make sure it’s not too liquid and not too concentrated.

Then, mix five cool and cool powdered sticks on the paste earlier. If it’s too thick, add a little water and you can wipe it on your face like wearing a mask.

Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse. Do it every night so that the acne scars disappear completely.


One more way to get rid of acne problem is to use zaiton oil, lemon and cool powder.

The trick, take five cool powder seeds, squeeze a little lemon and mix with a small spoon of zaiton oil. Gaulkan the three ingredients so that they are equal.

Use it as a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

However, this elder not encouraged to practice every night because she allowed to scavenge her face and lemon acidic.


You must be wondering where the clay is, too. If you sit in a village it may be impossible, but living in a big city is where there is everything!

The active mineral content in the clay said to be effective at removing acne scars, new and old.

With consistent use it believed to be able to treat acne problem.

Don’t worry, there are actually a lot of clay-based products on the market. Choose a brand that you feel comfortable with.

5- TIMUN Acne Problem

Another natural ingredient that is cheap and easy to find but is quite an impressive agent to help those of you who have problems with acne.

How to get rid of zits with cucumber is quite easy, how to grind the cucumber and filter the dust. The squeezed cucumber then used as a mask and left for 30 minutes.

Whenever you take more water than the cucumber concerned, put it in a spray bottle to serve as a freshener.

Sprays on the face after washing. It not only helps get rid of acne but also brightens your skin!


Don’t know acne problem, besides cucumber, tomato is also very useful for beautiful skin, including helping to remove acne scars.

The method is very easy, crush the tomato so that it becomes pes. Use it as a mask, leave it on immediately, rinse and then wipe your face dry.

7- Acne Problem SCRUB

Facial scrub at least three times a week as it believed to fade acne scars.

How does a scrub help remove acne scars?

Every time you scrub your face, the old skin cells dated and replaced with new skin cells.

There are various types of scrubs that you can find in the market but you can also produce your own scrub using only coffee.

The trick is to take a small blade of coffee powder and mix it with a small bowl of granulated sugar. Then add a little water. You can also use honey in place of water.

Sweep on the face, leave immediately and then scrub slowly. Practice this elder three times a week. You surprised at the impression if you practice it consistently.


Apple vinegar can help get rid of acne scars.

What you need to do is wet a cotton ball with apple vinegar and rub it on the acne scars.

Once a week is sufficient.

9- Acne Problem Solved With ORIGINAL HONEY & YOGURT

Honey said to be good for removing acne scars.

The trick is to take a small study of honey and mix it with a small study of real yogurt.

Immediately put it into a cool chest, then make it as a mask. Leave overnight on the face and wash as usual the next morning.


Take a little powdered cinnamon bark, mix with a little honey.

Make it bubbly and brush it onto the grated face. Leave it overnight and wash as usual.

11- Acne Problem Solved With RICE WASHING WATER

The next way to get rid of acne, not to wastewater that used to wash rice.

Instead, take the rice water and put it in an empty container.

Then wash the whole face so that it is even.


Our hands have a lot of contaminated bacteria.

Also, avoid scratching the facial skin and picking up pimples.

Squeezing pimples will expose more bacteria to your skin and make your acne worse.


The practice of eating an unbalanced diet also believed to contribute to acne problems.

Processed foods and contain oil are why our skin often has problems.

Therefore, multiply the intake of a balanced diet rather than fruits and vegetables.

Taking in the correct amount of nutrients can help repair problematic skin.

Avoid foods that processed or high in sugar for beautiful, acne-free skin.


Sleep and rest believed to repair the damage that occurs on the body and face.

Acne problem- it believed to get rid of harmful toxins in the body.

Adequate sleep also seeks to renew skin cells. Therefore, so that you can nourish yourself sufficiently.

15- Acne Problem Solved With DIVING

Exercising not only good for health but also believed to reduce acne problems at hand.

This is because, during exercise, our bodies will release endorphins. This hormone believed to reduce pressure and reduce oil secretion on facial skin.

Exercise can also remove sweat, which removes toxins from the body and cleanses dead skin cells.

Exercising for 30 minutes every day can help reduce acne and make us healthier and more energetic.


Our body made up of 70% water. The practice of drinking sufficient empty water every day will help our bodies operate properly.

Water helps flush out toxins from the body and makes us younger & energized.

The amount of water taken varies from person to person depending on body weight.


Choose skincare that suits your skin so that the acne scars you experience can be treated properly.

Before buying any product, first, make sure your facial skin type so as not to cause more problems.

The use of skincare that is not suitable for the skin will cause excessive oil expenditure and become a clogged stem.

That is the main cause of acne.

Therefore, it is very important that you choose the appropriate skincare so that your problem does not get worse.


Faces that often exposed to ultraviolet rays without protection make us look old from age.

It is also very dangerous and can be a culprit for skin cancer.

Sunlight can also cause premature aging such as sunspots, fine lines, and twitching.

Make sure you use sun protection cream as a daily facial care routine.

19- Acne Problem – RAINING BATH

Even though it looks awkward, this is an impressive way to get rid of acne.

Make sure you shower every day as the frequency of bathing can reduce the flushing of oil from the skin and kill bacteria.

It also helps clear dead skin cells. Dead skin cells said to be the culprit for acne problems.

So if you want to have clean facial skin free of acne, make sure you don’t just look after the outside.

You also need to take care of the inside of the body because external beauty starts from within us.

Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, drink water according to your needs, keep clean and practice petra and how to get rid of acne that is used.

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