Corona Crisis in The USA – A Floating Hospital For New York


Because the hospitals in New York are overloaded, the Navy sends a hospital ship into the city. It has 1000 beds – but is still little more than a drop in the ocean.

By ARD Studio New York

Usually, cruise ships with tourists dock at the west side of Manhattan. But nothing is normal in New York right now. “The president is right, it’s war,” says New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

And so the “USNS Comfort” anchors the US Navy. When the floating military hospital with 1000 beds and twelve operating theaters landed here for the last time – after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 – New York was also at war.

Floating Military Hospital with 1000 Beds For Corona virus
The “USNS Comfort” is also an important symbol of hope for New Yorkers.

The enemy is different today. But the reaction to the enemy must be the same, says Mayor Bill de Blasio: “It’s an atmosphere like in times of war. We have to move closer together now. In times of peace, you can argue, in war, you have to stand together.”

Thanks to Trump

And so both De Blasio and Cuomo, both of whom otherwise had a warm dislike to the President, thanked Donald Trump for commanding the ship to New York. “This ship is not only an aid because it provides beds and staff and equipment. It is also a sign of hope that gives New Yorkers morale a boost. And it is a signal to the heroes in the Hospitals that support and help are on the way. “

Hardly Any Relief

Despite all the pathos, De Blasio had to admit that 40 ships of this size were actually needed to be prepared for the climax of the Corona crisis. Experts expect this in two to four weeks. Until then, a total of eight provisional hospitals with several thousand beds are to be set up in halls and convention centers.

All of them – like the “USNS Comfort” and a small field hospital in Central Park – should serve to relieve the hospitals of non-corona patients, de Blasio said. “My job is to tell the New Yorkers the truth. I’ll tell you when the battle gets underway. And I’ll tell you when the battle is over. Today I have to tell you: the tough weeks are coming still.”

Respirator Prices are Rising Dramatically

This is especially true for hospital staff, some of whom are already working at the limit today and complain about defective equipment. There is a lack of protective clothing, breathing masks and, above all, respirators that are difficult to obtain. In addition, the U.S. states are competing on the market, Governor Cuomo says:

“We have a situation where everyone is buying the same products – ironically, even in China, where the crisis started. We fight against ourselves and drive up the price. Two weeks ago we were able to get a ventilator for under 20,000 Buy dollars. Now they cost $ 50,000 if you can find any. “

And then Cuomo falls back into war rhetoric: The task now must be to equip the soldiers so that they can win the fight against the virus. “The soldiers in this fight are our doctors, sisters, and helpers in the hospitals. They are the troops that are going to fight us for us.”

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