The curling irons are a must for waving, curling, or curling hair. Babyliss or ghd®: the brands innovate to offer us optimal and perfect looping. From 40 to 145 €, here is our selection of the best curling iron to shop on Amazon.

Change your head in no time without going through the barber box, it’s possible! The curling iron allows us to make all kinds of waves.

To use his curling iron, do not forget to prepare his hair. Spray a thermal protective spray to protect it and a little curly foam if you have straight hair and are difficult to comb.

Depending on its diameter, it creates wavy ripples and tight or wide curls … Thanks to ever more innovative technologies, some curling iron also makes it possible to automatically curl the hair, to nourish and reinforce, or prevent it. the appearance of forks.

Here is our selection of the best curling irons to shop on Amazon!

The Curling Iron Creative Curl Wand ghd®

The GHD curve® creative curl wand allows for Californian loops and ripples effect back beach.

How? Thanks to its conical shape and tri-zone® technology that maintains a constant temperature.

And most importantly, it is ready to be used in less than 20 seconds and turns off automatically if it is not used for 30 minutes.

The Curling Irons Lee Stafford

The Lee Stafford looper offers the ability to make ultra-defined curls like slight natural undulations.

Its strength: the ceramic tube and tourmaline are impregnated with coconut oil to nourish and repair the hair.

The Curling Iron Proluxe Remington

These Remington curling irons are perfect for girls with smooth hair and fine who have trouble curling their hair!

It is covered with a grip-tech coating that prevents the hair from slipping without tearing and has a temperature adjustable between 120 and 210 ° C.

Result: curls worthy of a hairdresser pro who hold longer.

The Curling Irons Secret Babyliss

Curling hair effortlessly? This is the promise of Babyliss’s Curl Secret C1200E.

This automatic curling iron with auto-curl technology takes care of everything to make perfect curls. It has 3 adjustable exposure times (8s, 10s, and 12s) to create undulations and soft or tight loops.

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Most: its ionic function eliminates static electricity to leave the hair soft and shiny.

The Philips Curling Irons

In addition to its small price, this looper has other advantages.

Its SplitSpot technology prevents the appearance of forks while avoiding a sudden change in temperature that weakens the hair.

As for the ceramic coating, it is infused with keratin, a natural and essential component of the hair, in order to take care of and reinforce it.

The Curling Iron 5 in 1 Eliot

Delivered with 5 rolls of different diameters, this curling iron adapts to our desires and does not damage the hair.

A silicone glove is provided to avoid getting burned and we love it!

The Looper Anjou

This curling iron is ideal for making beautiful natural ripples.

Its LCD screen and rotating cord are very convenient during use.

It comes with a scald glove and small clips to attach his hair while styling!

The Curling Iron Calor

The Calor curling iron provides beautiful curls while protecting hair from heat damage.

We love its Cashmere Keratin and argan oil coating that brings softness and shine to the hair!

An integrated timer with an audible signal prevents overheating and controls the exposure time.

With This Curling Iron Technique, You Get Perfect Waves

Soft and voluminous waves: We have found the best technique for wild Messy Waves in Undone look

Messy Waves, Undone Look, Beach Waves – for the hairstyle that so many women dream of, there are at least as many names as styling techniques.

Messy Waves are gentle and voluminous waves, which look as unmastered, so “undone” – just as if you had not spent 30 minutes with a curling iron in front of the mirror, but spent the day at the sea.

How Do You Make Messy Waves?

There are many methods and techniques for styling hair in an Undone look. You can shape them with a straightening iron or curling iron or use styling or saltwater sprays.

The catch: With the sprays you get the beach waves faster, unfortunately, stick and smell the hair with it but also.


We’ve discovered a curling iron method on Instagram that makes the Messy Waves easy, fast and perfect. The trick is not to turn all the hair with the known technique on the curling iron, but to edit the strands differently. How it works:

The Curling Iron Technique

First, divide the hair so that you can turn it from bottom to top in layers. Then you start to work the strands differently. The first strand you turn, as you are used to a curl.

The adjacent strand pinch between the curling iron and the clamp at the hairline for 2 seconds, so that the point takes on the curl of the curling iron.

Then pull the curling iron down a little further and clamp the strand again for 2 seconds. Depending on the hair length you can work 2-3 waves in the strand. The two techniques you can use either alternately or to your taste and sensation in the remaining hair.

Finally, reach into the hair again with your hands to make them look wilder and finished with the perfect Messy Waves.

In the video you can see how the technology works:

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