Duchess Meghan’s Pregnancy Dress Is From Asos And Really Cheap


Hach, the princess should be one! You have a pretty prince on your side, travel with him around the world and wear the finest clothes and accessories on top of that.

Fine, expensive, but no. Duchess Meghan knows that, too. The 37-year-old will be pretty happy right now. After all, she still floats with Prince Harry in the 7th Heaven and is pregnant with her first child on top of that.

But every step and every step by Meghan is closely monitored and evaluated. Not only by the watchful eye of the Queen and her coworkers (keyword: Hof-Protokoll!), But also by royal fans and critics all over the world.

Duchess Meghan's Pregnancy Dress
– Duchess Meghan Markle’s latest fashion coup: a black Asos dress.

How does it behave? Does she smile too little, does she smiles too much? And finally: what does she have? Especially since she is pregnant?

Duchess Meghan Wears A Pregnancy Dress By Asos

At least as far as the last question is concerned, Meghan is currently scoring one straight after the other. Because her growing baby ball puts her in a very stylish style.

With her last appearance, she has made her fashion fans around the world particularly happy. Because her little black, which she wore during her trip to Australia, is from no expensive designer, but from the online retailer Asos and costs just under 50 euros. Yeahi!

To make her outfit perfect, she wore an Asos dress trench coat by Karen Walker in a trendy check pattern and simple black pumps by Sarah Flint.

Only: With such a cheap dress, the notorious Meghan effect will definitely strike fast. Meaning, the dress will be sold out for sure. In the event that it is already so far in your shopping attempt, we have put together more little blacks for pregnant women by Asos for Nachshoppen.

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