Eyebrow Shape Adjust For Your Face Shape + Coloring Eyebrows Trick


Eyebrow shape is an important part of a woman’s face. Good eyebrows will give the impression of a fresh and beautiful face too.

You must be smart to adjust according to the eyebrows and also face shape.

If you make your eyebrows with one then the impact will make the makeup to be strange and unattractive. Women become confident when using the original eyebrows. Therefore, they form a new eyebrow to make it a more attractive look.


Before you form an eyebrow in accordance with an expression you should know some of the facial and eyebrow shape that suits the face shape.

How to apply a Eyebrow Shape show images step by step

Follow some of the information below.

First, for women who have an oval shaped face you are very lucky because you can use different eyebrow shapes. But you have to be careful with the selection of the appropriate color eyebrow pencil with your original eyebrow hair.

Second, for those of you who have a heart face shape should use a brow shape that does not use the arch at the end. Heart shape faces usually have a pointy chin so that enough eyebrows arch formed without that seemed natural.

Third, you have the face shape box should form a thick brow and smoothed and molded arched eyebrows end. Trim also with a mascara brush. By smoothing eyebrows you will not be impressed fierce.

Apart from having to pay attention to all three forms of the face above the eyebrow shaping you also have to pay attention to eyebrow shaping tips in accordance with the position of your eyes. This will make the eyebrows look harmonious with makeup.

First, for the eyes are far apart you should tidy up the outer edge of the eyebrow and then draw a line with the base that will pass through the tip in your eye. It gives the impression of the base adjacent eyebrows.

Second, adjacent to the eye you have to make the eyebrows away impressed by disconnecting some parts that are not too attached to brow. You have to be careful in tidying your eyebrows.

The last tip for you who have small eyes and want to make your eyes bigger you have to unplug and shave your eyebrows bottom. This will make the eyes look wider and more eyebrows.

Which Eyebrows Are Suitable For Which Face Shape?

The right eyebrows give the face the ideal contour. And so you will find the perfect eyebrows to match your face shape

Eye brows matching the face shape

The eyebrows form the frame of the face and – as well as – can emphasize any face shape favorably.

In any case, you should therefore pay the necessary attention to the eyebrows. With the right styling, you should ideally orientate yourself to the face shape, the hair color and the natural brow shape.

The eyebrows shape are particularly harmonious when they are the same as the hair color or are emphasized darker in a shade.

So, the styling looks very natural and adapts to the face ideal. As a rule, one should also orientate oneself to her natural brows by plucking only the overgrowing hairs.

Do you already know this eyebrow trick? And you only need one product for it

How To Determine Your Face Shape

To find the ideal eyebrows shape for your face, you should first determine your face shape, which is easily accomplished by a little trick. Tie your hair back and then stand in front of a mirror.

Now it’s best to use a kohl or lipstick to draw your face shape from the chin. For a correct result, ignore the ears and you can see your face shape.

The Angular Face

For a square face are particularly well-flat brows without special momentum. This makes the face look shorter and less full.

The Oval Face

Here, the eyebrow shape should be rather full and curved, because too thin brows make your face otherwise slightly roundish.

The Round Face

For the round face are preferably wide eyebrows that leak through an angled momentum. So the face appears narrower and less rounded.

The Heart-Shaped Face

Eyebrows with a light, rounded bow make a heart-shaped face look softer.

Eyebrows You Should Avoid

Our eyebrows are the most prominent in our face. A study has even proven that people have difficulty recognizing us when our eyebrows are missing. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the correct care and avoid these mistakes.

 Care and Avoid These Mistakes

1. Pluck At The Wrong Time

So that your eyebrows regrow properly and no major skin irritations arise, you should pluck your eyebrows immediately after showering. The water vapor opens the pores and the hairs are better (and more pleasant) to remove. Always pluck in the direction of growth and never jerk it. Otherwise torn hairs can grow in and cause inflammation.

2. Do Not Seek Advice

Before plucking your eyebrows, you should seek advice from a professional. Especially if you have never plucked your eyebrows before or the hairs grow back unevenly due to incorrect plucking in the past.

A hair cycle lasts about two months – so long you have to wait until fake plucked hairs have regrown again. The professional will help you to find the right shape for your face.

3. Wrong Care

If you have accidentally pulled away too many hairs and you want to regrow them quickly, the care must be right. Special eyebrow serums stimulate growth and nourish the skin. Let the professional advise you on which product best suits your skin and hair structure.

4. Cut Eyebrows

It happens over and over again that some hair grow longer than others. But then you should not reach for the scissors. You will always see the difference between a cut and naturally grown hair. Better to remove the long hair completely with tweezers and let grow again.

5. Go to Different Cosmeticians

If you have your eyebrows plucked by a professional, you should stay true to a studio. Once you have found a professional who will model your eyebrows the way you want them, you should not do any more experiments.

6. Save On The Products

The proper care of the eyebrows is often underestimated. For eyebrow gels, pencils or serums, you should pay attention to good quality. Better invest some more money and use products that are appropriate for your skin type.

Coloring Eyebrows: Our Self-Test

Do it yourself – simply dye eyebrows yourself? Our beauty editor Simone Kraft has tested it

Our Self-Test Eye brows Coloring

This is how it works: First I degrease the hair with an oil-free cleaner (otherwise the paint does not hold properly) and place the enclosed non-woven pads on the skin around the brows to protect them from discoloration. Then I dab the solution with a cotton swab on the brow hairs.

Make absolutely sure that the hairs are completely saturated with the liquid. That works but very easy. By the way, the longer you let the solution work, the stronger the color result.

Then I apply the color gel with a comb. Be careful, the gel may drip. The gel I wash the same – without exposure time – with a mild soap or a shampoo. Luckily, because the fumes burn something in the eyes.

And that’s the result! Convincing?

Here Our Editors Present Their Favorite Products For Eyebrows.

Tips for DIY Dyeing:

1. Anyone who has very sensitive skin should first test the products on an inconspicuous skin site. The dyes could irritate the sensitive facial skin. It is therefore very important that you always carry out a skin test before using these products.

2. When dyeing eyebrows, the rule of thumb is: Start with a lighter tone and choose a darker shade next time if you are not satisfied with the result.

3. It is better to remove the paint sooner if you dye the eyebrows for the first time, and always check the result.

Dissatisfied? Just apply new paint for a few minutes.

4. Never dye with color intended for dyeing the scalp hair . For the little hairs around the eye, there are special colors that are not so intense and the hair does not attack so strong.

“Eyebrows + eyelash color” from Swiss-o-Par, around 7 euros

The one trick for perfect eyebrow styling

This item makes eyebrow styling super easy. We would never have come up with this idea!

perfect eye brow styling

Perfectly styled eyebrows, we all secretly wish all, right? Many beauty bloggers are currently trying out a technique that has long been considered an insider tip in Hollywood. With this simple and inexpensive method, you can bring your eyebrows in shape quickly.

Soap as Eyebrow filler

In fact, a bar of soap is the secret to full eyebrows . The crazy beauty trend works quite simply: you only need an eyebrow brush and a piece of commercial soap.

Moisten the brush with warm water. Then rub the brush over the bar of soap so that a thin layer is transferred to the bristles. Then brush your eyebrow hairs upwards.

This ensures optically fuller eyebrows. You can dab off excess soap with a handkerchief.

Optional: Can you fill your brows with a pen, if you do not feel close enough?


Similar to eyebrow gel or wax, the soap fixes the eyebrows. That’s how the look lasts the whole day.

Extra savings tip: If you do not want to buy an extra eyebrow brush, you can simply use an old mascara brush or toothbrush. Once your current mascara is used up, you can simply clean the brush thoroughly and continue to use it for your eyebrows.

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