DIY Homemade Face Mask – 10+ Incredible Easy Face Mask Recipes


Among the beauty products, the face masks are the quickest beautifiers. You can quickly make a good face mask from just a few natural ingredients, which will make the skin look fresher and more even.

Soothing and healthy masks can be made with the usual foods you usually have in your household. In today’s article, we have put together great recipes for home-made face masks, with which you can take care of your skin and take some time out.

Mud mask: The best face mask we’ve ever used!

For beautiful, pure and even skin, we have already tested a lot of products: scrubs, creams, cleansing products and especially masks. We have been to various beauticians, have indulged in various treatments or put products for the home to the test.

So we can say with a clear conscience: We know our way around and now know exactly what expectations we have of a product.

DIY Homemade Face Mask
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We are totally in love with the masks of Mud face mask. Why? We’ll tell you here.

When the Mudmasky products landed on our table, our claims were not the smallest, so we tested them very critically and our conclusion is a real surprise: we love Mudmasky face masks!

What makes the masks of Mudmasky so special?

The Mudymasky products offer the right product for every skin type. Whether you’re more likely to struggle with oily, dry or blemished skin – there are masks for every little problem: The ” Morning Boost” mask will help your skin to get rid of the tiredness and makes it fresher and firmer. The “Facial Detox” mask provides a true deep cleansing and the “Sleep Repair” mask is a real miracle cure that will repair and nourish your skin almost overnight – so your skin always gets exactly what it needs!

This is how the Mudmasky masks are applied

It is recommended to adjust the duration of the application to the skin type. Apply the product 1-2 times a week to the cleansed skin and allow to act:

  • Dry skin: 7 minutes
  • Normal and mixed skin: 9 minutes
  • Oily skin: 11-15 minutes
  • Great results after the first application:

The mask quickly penetrates the skin and can then easily be removed again. After the first application, the skin feels softer and looks purer. With the application over a few weeks, it has been shown that the routine really pays off here! The products live up to their promise. The skin looks refreshed and well-groomed.

And what is in it?

The masks are specialized to balance the pH of your skin and works only with organic and natural additives. These include Matcha and bamboo extract, which promote the natural elasticity of the skin. Even against the influence of the sun, your skin is better-protected thanks to the care by Matcha. The lava mud in combination with salt from the dead sea provides hydration of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

These products can definitely go down with a spa visit, so if you do not have the time or money to be pampered then the Mudmasky products are definitely an option! In just 15 minutes, the products manage to supply your skin with everything it needs for a healthy look.

Here you get the Mudmasky face masks

Here you can the products Nachshoppen but pssst, we still have an insider tip for you: The Mudymask hide in our Instyle boxes! We know how great the masks are but not cheap – in the box, but you get the masks and many other great products for a fair price.

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