Trendy and Simple Hairstyles in Autumn 2020 2021


Take a look at our fall simple hairstyles recommendations and get ready for your next big style update. Long and voluminous or short and smooth – there is something for every hair type and every personal preference.

The upcoming fall season calls for cozy sweaters and scarves, elegant ankle boots, casual looks and of course an update of your summer hairstyle. Don’t get involved in your old beauty routine. Opt for a great cut, dramatic color, or add a few seasonal accessories to your style.

Not only is this an easy way to update your look….

but it is also a great opportunity to get rid of split ends and all summer-related damage to fix.

What Are The Best Hairstyles In Fall 2020 In Your Opinion?

Bridal Hair Accessory, A Silk Flower Wreath House Floret
Inspired afro, this cut will cut perfectly to naturally very curly hair, we love the crazy aspect that emerges. (Jean-Marc Maniatis)

For Medium Length Hair: Tousled Bob

If all the fun in the sun has affected your hair, now is the ideal time to take the big step and get rid of the remains of summer damage. Clavicle length is very universal and versatile enough not to limit most of your styling options.

Not to mention that short styles are also very trendy this season. As if that weren’t enough, short cuts complement all your fall fashion accents like collared shirts, scarves, and high-necked coats.

Bob With Bangs – A Real Classic

hairstyles trends 2020
To bring the volume to the classic bob cut, you can opt for a light gradient at the bottom of lengths. (Coiff & Co)

For Short Hair: Pixie Cut

When you’re ready for something more dramatic, go for a super short cut – after all, autumn is all about change. This strong pixie cut is a particularly good choice for women with straight and fine hair.

If your strands are thicker or curly, more effort is required in daily styling. Fall is also a great time to style wispy bangs, as you don’t have to deal with the summer moisture.

The Pixie Cut Is About Texture, Texture, And Even More Texture

Edgy pixie hairstyle with bangs shorter
Short Hairstyles Accentuate Your Face And Make Your Neck Appear Longer

For Shoulder-Length Hair: Lively Volume

A haircut that goes directly over the shoulders is the ideal basis for a lot of volumes. It’s also surprisingly easy to create this full look. Forget about using a small curling iron on multiple small strands.

Who has time for this, especially in the hectic morning hours? Instead, do it directly on a few large sections of hair. Wrap the hair around the curling iron and change direction to further increase volume.

Quickly Styled And You’re Ready For The Catwalk

Bob Platinum Blond Hairstyles Colored Hair Trends
Shoulder Length With A Lot Of Volumes

For Long Hair: Layers And Warm Colors

Show off your hair length by emphasizing it with long, seamless layers and a few strands that frame your face fantastically. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also experiment with warm seasonal colors, including ombre and highlights.

Warm Colors And Big Waves

Chestnut Hair Color Medium-Long Waves Hair Gold Honey Stars Taylor Hill
Fiery Red Colors Fall Colors

For Afro-Textured Hair: Bangs And Highlights

Adopting your naturally wavy texture is another big trend for hairstyles in fall 2020.

Something as simple as adding bangs cut…

Some warm highlights that complement your skin tone can make a big difference in the end result.

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Afro Textured Hair With Streaks

Naturally Pretty With Almost No Styling

Chic Accessories For Hairstyles In Autumn 2020

Jewels, pearls, chains, bows, headbands, hats and flower wreaths – this autumn has a lot to offer in terms of accessories. The best thing about accessories is that they require less dedication than creating an overall trendy outfit or hairstyle.

This season, the designs seem to take a look back at the 80s. Retro scarves, pearl, and eye-catching plastic earrings, headbands, velvet scrunchies, and berets are now very popular again.

Autumn Jewelry Is Very Memorable And Unique

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Fall is only a few days away and it’s the perfect time to update your look. Gone are the summer buns and tousled ponytails – in the colder seasons you can drop your hair, enjoy natural waves and retro accessories. Scroll to the end and be inspired by other current hairstyles in autumn 2020.

Retro Shag Haircuts Are Usually Very Texture And Volume Intensive

Shaggy Curly Hair
Shag Cut Curly And Retro

Fast Simple Hairstyle for Easter Day With Romantic And Original Looking

Do the same with a lock on the other side. Take the last strand remained free, brush canvas, sprayed with lacquer and finish the same way.

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