Pearl Powder Skin Care Benefits For Flawless Skin


How To Apply Pearl Powder On Face

Pearl powder is effective remedies for your skin free from defect obnoxious!

Cream Pearl Massage

Use warm water hand wash then the little pearl powder cream used to mix apply on the face, gently massage is. It has the effect of forming a protective layer on the support with one hand enhance skin nutrition prevents stimulation from the outside remove acne scars increased brightness light

Cooling Water Pearl Skin Powder

Cooling Water Pearl Skin Powders

Before bed wash face then grab the bottle 0.3 g pearl powder mixed with rose water softening until dissolved out pat the face providing effective nutrition to the skin so the skin completely relaxation blurring scar left by acne.

Pearl Powder Allergy Acne

Pearl Powders Allergy Acne

Approximately 4 grams of pearl powder, egg whites, mix well trying to apply a little thick, after 15 ~ 20 minutes and then wash off the skin will be very smooth without feeling irritated need to use persistence.

Masks From Honey And Pearl Powder

Masks From Honey And Pearl Powders

1. 100g pearl powder mask can make 10 times

2. Honey and egg yolk for dry skin and neutral, oily skin can use whites.

How to use: 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey 10g pearl powder mix well and apply on face for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Pearl Powder Foundation

Pearl Powders Foundation

Every day in the morning after cleansing the water use firming skin then apply moisturizer daily. Use puff pearl dot moderate hit on the face makeup brush lightly sweep over face powder pearls. Work helps keep makeup last longer reducing the skin stimulation nutritional supplements.

You can buy pearl powder at the prestigious spas around the country.

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