How To Eyes Makeup Her Eyes According To Their Shape?

Your eyes makeup according to their shape is one of the least well-kept secrets of the commandments of beauty. Round, small, almond …, each form of eyes makeup.

Here are some tips to become the queen of makeup round eyes!

The eyes are one of the major assets of seduction. The look often says a lot about self-confidence. That is why it is important to know how to highlight them, whatever their form. Ready for a doe look? Discover the best methods.

Makeup Almond Eyes

Almond eyes have the choice in terms of makeup. Your eyelids, however, deserve special attention. They sometimes lack depth, it is necessary to play on the tones to underline them.

You can also apply a line of eyeliner flush eyelashes to perfect your makeup. Avoid the gray or taupe that tends to shrink the eye.

Enhance Falling Eyes

Eyes makeup that falls or a look said “falling” is no longer a puzzle thanks to some practical tips. Falling eyes can turn out to be a charming asset if you know how to highlight them.

Stars such as Anne Hathaway or Britney Spears have eyes that fall and are beautiful because they know how to sublimate them. Simple tips can help you harmonize your look with unstoppable makeup.

So if you feel that your eyes are pointing too far down, unsheathe your eyeliner. Nothing like a nice eyeliner to redraw the eyes and redefine the look…

With a brush or a pencil, the eyeliner is one of the secrets to perfectly makeup the eyes that fall. Indeed, the eyes that fall tend to give you a sad look; the line of eyeliner has the ability to boost the eye by raising it precisely.

Also, remember to take care of the line of your eyebrows by epilating them adequately. The point is to capitalize on the application of good mascara.

Accentuate the passage of the brush on the eyelashes located at the end of the eye. The mascara is another asset that can enlarge the look.

Round Eyes Makeup

The round eyes tend to look small, so you have to stretch them with makeup.

The eyeliner is your friend! Draw a fine line flush eyelash that will lift you to the eyelids. Avoid the thick line.

Favor Clear Tones To Make Up Your Round Eyes.

Spotlight On Close Eyes

An eyes makeup close requires a little care. The closed eyes require special attention to also pay attention to the contour of the eye.

The issue of close-eye makeup is to accentuate the brightness in order to play on the opening effect. It is on this trick that rests a good make-up of closed eyes.

Above all, bet on the right colors of eyeshadow. Depending on the color of your eyes of course, while favoring soft or light shades. As well as to enhance the eyes that fall, the line the eyeliner is a real asset to enlarge close eyes.

Put the line of eyeliner according to the desired effect, glamorous, natural or graphics, but always work from the outside of the eye.

Finally, opt for a curling mascara to optimize the width of the look.

Sublimate Sunken Eyes Makeup

Know how to make up the sunken eyes to reveal the full dimension of this type of look. To sublimate sunken eyes thanks to make-up, you have to dare to give intensity to the look.

Use eyeshadow while playing a basic tone. Then, degrade this hue on the whole look. From the mobile eyelid to the banana through the outer corner of the eye and the brow bone. No place in the eye should be neglected.

Have fun redrawing your look by opting for a rather light eyeshadow base. Opt for the drawing of a line of eyeliner flush eyelashes, to accentuate the look without weighing it down.

Finally, mascara is an essential step in the makeup of sunken eyes. If you do not know which mascara is right for you, choose a mascara that curves and lengthens the lashes.

How To Make Almond Eyes?

With each form of eyes her makeup! Almond eyes do not escape the rule. To sublimate them, follow our makeup tips.

How to make eyelids look almond?

Almond-shaped eyes are jealous!

You are lucky: they allow a wide choice of makeup and have few constraints.

However, some rules deserve to be followed to highlight all their sensuality.

It is especially the eyelids that require special attention. Indeed, they sometimes lack relief and lose depth to the eyes.

To fill this pitfall, we take out her makeup kit, and we play on tones that will come to enlarge and illuminate the eyeballs. Apply a light eyeshadow to the eyebrows, and enhance it with a touch of light with your illuminator, under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye.

Then apply a dark shadow to the outside of the eye, and stretch it slightly to give it a V shape. If you want to further illuminate the look, draw a line of white kohl pencil inside. the eye.

To complete this makeup, all you need is a line of eyeliner flush with the lashes. Choose it in a gray or taupe hue. Black is not recommended because it narrows the eyes.

Almond eye makeup: the mascara step

Almond-shaped eyes alone are not everything, and well-made lashes are the key to an ultra-sensual look. To accentuate the elongated effect of the eye, it is preferable to use a volumizing mascara.

Before applying, use an eyelash curler to give more volume and lengthen your eyelashes. In order not to destroy the action of the eyelash curler, brush them with mascara in small strokes without going to the roots.

For a party or an evening, we play the glamorous card with fake eyelashes!

Finally, do not miss the eyebrow makeup. Brush them, and redraw them with a pencil of the same color as their hue. The trick of eyebrows well made is to pass the pencil in small strokes, because a single stroke breaks the natural effect.

The right colors for almond eye makeup

Almond eyes are particularly highlighted by hot and pronounced makeup colors. The golden tones are also perfect to give even more light to the eyes.

Whether it is an eyeshadow of an anthracite gray, a creamy black or, on the contrary, flirting with khaki, copper or gold, a wide range of colors is offered to you.

During the day, prefer nude tones and discreet make-up. In the evening, let your desires speak ?! For example, turn to a beautiful smoky-eye, the must reveal all the charm of your eyes.

How To Make Eyes With Round Eyes?

Almond: the perfect makeup for round eyes

Your eyes are a little too round to your liking? Makeup is here to fix it. How? Playing on an enlarged and stretched look.Perfect Makeup For Round Eyes

Brushes and eyeliner to give your round eyes a nice shape in almond!

First step: the eye-shadow. It is chosen in light tones and stretched to the eyebrows.

These play a vital role in shaping the eye. Their path starts from the intersection between the birth of the eye and the nose.

Redraw them carefully with a pencil while sweeping them to refine and open the eyes.

Eyeliner, the ally of round eyes

A perfect makeup doe eye cannot do without eyeliner. This is the essential touch to stretch the eyes.

Draw a fine line down the eyelashes, and bring it up to the eyebrows. The line should only thicken in the outer corner of the eyelid.

An outline too marked may weigh down the eyes and spoil the desired effect! Also, apply some pencil from the middle of the inside of the eye to the outer edge.

The right colors to make up her round eyes

For the makeup of round eyes, light eyeshadows are preferred. The beige and ivory tones are perfect for enhancing the pupils. Put your shadow in the inner corner of the eye.

Then choose a shade a little darker, which you apply to the outside of the eyelid. Stretch the makeup a bit to play on the oval of the eye. For darker makeup, you can turn to gray or taupe shades.

Last touch: mascara. Opt for an elongating and curling mascara.

Forget the volumizers that accentuate the roundness of the eye rather than correct it.

Tip to perfect the almond eyes: we cover the lashes on the side.

Makeup with round eyes: mistakes to avoid

Be careful not to make a mistake when you make up your round eyes! The number one rule is to brighten up your irises so they look bigger.

So be careful never to cover the entire eyelid with a dark shadow, and play on the contrary on the gradients.

Also, avoid colored blushes that do not blur the round shape of the eyes. The elegance of the more sober shades will sublimate your look.

We do not make up the entire outline of the eye, but only the outer half not to emphasize the roundness. You can, however, draw a white pencil line inside the eye to give it more light.

Finally, draw your eyebrows with pencil strokes rather than all at once, to keep a natural effect.


The outer corners of your eyes tend to fall? Do not look, you have eyes that fall. But do not panic, nothing is easier than to raise the eyes and to make falling eyes of magnificent almonds. It is not Britney Spears, who is the perfect muse, who will tell us the opposite. With your brushes, eyeshadow, and mascara, today you learn to show off!

Before makeup eyes that fall

The falling eyes have the characteristic of having their corner pointing downwards, which can give a look a little sad in some cases. But all morphologies have their solutions and the eyes are no exception!Before makeup eyes that fall

Before starting the make-up stage, make sure to draw your eyebrows. Framing the eyes, they play a major role in the aesthetics of the face.

To break the falling effect of the eyes, take the opposite foot. Epile your eyebrows by leaving only one point on the outside and releasing as much as possible the near part of the eyelids. This action will enlarge the eye.

Colors suitable for falling eyes

In order not to weigh down the falling eyes, prefer to use light colors of eyeshadow. Pale pink, champagne or iridescent beige are perfect to apply as a base on the entire eyelid.

For the corner of the eye, we opt for a darker shade, but again, neither black nor gray opaque. Prefer plum or dark beige to spread from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. The idea is to give a movement upwards while degrading the color, to limit the effect package.

Finally, apply a white eyeshadow on your eyelids and under the eyebrow arch. These simple steps will give a nice shape of almond to your eyes.

Draw falling eyes

Black is the enemy of falling eyes. If you like to emphasize your look with a kohl or eyeliner, go for a brown or brown.

Draw a delicate line following the curvature of your lower lashes. At the corner of the eye, give a slight upward movement. Same for upper lashes.

Remember to always “go up” your eyes by drawing a lineup. Finish the course with a dense black or deep brown mascara with an emphasis on the corner lashes.

If you have an eyelash curler, do not hesitate to use it before the mascara stage. As for the eyeliner, the beginners will opt for a pencil mine easier to handle.

If you have the hand, the brush allows finer and more harmonious features.

Tips for diverting attention from falling eyes

After makeup, your eyes, highlight the other assets of your face. The ideal tip to not only draw attention to your eyes.

Opt for a pink blush or apricot drawn up. The final touch, a nice lipstick in keeping with the color of your skin.

How To Make Up Sunken Eyes?

Talking about sunken eyes is not very glamorous, let’s say you have a deep and dense look, it’s more elegant! And that’s exactly the impression that gives a suitable makeup. Colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, here’s how to make up your eyes sunken to perfection.

What are sunken eyes?

The sunken eyes are recognizable from all. They are characterized by a prominent forehead, an eyeball embedded in the skull and, very often, an eyelid that falls slightly, or squarely, on the eyelid.

How To Make Up Sunken Eyes

This unflattering description does not reflect the aesthetic possibilities offered by this morphology. In a few brush strokes, it is quite possible to open the eyes and create a deep look at will.

Before putting on sunken eyes

An essential step before putting on your sunken eyes, eyebrow removal. Framing the face, they have a role to play in the final rendering of the artwork you will achieve! Forget the thick eyebrows. Depilated with care, they already enlarge the look.

Do not let dark circles and wrinkles under the eye accentuate the feeling of the depressed eye, blur them with a suitable anti-ring.

Ditto for the brown spots around the eye to conceal with a suitable cream.

Make up the sunken eyes step by step

To bring out the inner corner of the eye, sometimes invisible, start by applying a small point of the white pencil in this area. With this same pencil, draw a line under the eye.

Then move on to the eyeshadow step. On the eyelid, go for a light shade like pink or golden beige.

Above your mobile eyelid, apply a brighter color, such as an intermediate beige. Stretch that same eyeshadow under the eye to lighten your eyes.

Finish with a dark color, brown for example, on the outer corner of your eye. With a dark brown or black Kelty eyeliner or pencil, draw a fine line flush with the eyelashes.

Finally, use an eyelash curler before applying a black, brown, navy mascara …

Do not forget the rest of your face!

For perfect makeup, do not neglect the other parts of your face. Use a foundation and powder tailored to the complexion of your skin to hide all the imperfections of your skin and unify your complexion.

Apply a pink blush by stretching it upward for a good-looking effect.

Finally, trace the outline of your lips with a suitable pencil and tune your lipstick colors used on different parts of your face.

If your sunken eyes are very makeup, prefer a matte shade so as not to overload the whole.


Round, small, almond …, each form of eyes has its makeup, and it’s not always easy to navigate! Discover all our tips for makeup small eyes and brighten the face.

Enlarge small eyes with makeup

The golden rule of small eyes makeup is to open the eyes to give it more light and depth. Take out your vanity ?!

It only takes a few gestures for your pupils to gain in intensity.

First, the eyebrows are attacked. If they are too thick, they will weigh down the eyes. Epilate them carefully, then brush them with a makeup of a color a little lighter than their hue.

Redraw their shape slightly upwards to open the eyes. For larger eyes, it is then essential to hide her dark circles.

Nothing less glamorous than these purple bags under the eyes that narrow even more the look. To get rid of it, apply a concealer of the same color as your skin tone if the dark circles are not colored, or an orange hue if they are turning to purplish blue.

Before applying the eyeshadow, pass a light eyelid base from under the eyelashes to under the eyebrow.

Then put your eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, and perform a gradient with slightly darker colors to the outer edge of the eye. Stretch the makeup a little outside the eyelid to extend the look.

Last touches: the kohl and the liner

To perfect the makeup of small eyes, we put on Kohl and eyeliner without abusing and respecting a few rules!

These two products, essential for good makeup, can also ruin your efforts if they are not used properly.

To slice with the light colors of your makeup, this time you can choose a dark liner or black. Draw a thin line in the inner corner of the eyelid, flush with the eyelashes, and thicken it from half of the eyelid.

Make it discreetly go up from the outside of the eye to the eyebrows for an almond eye of the most beautiful effect. Then draw a line of kohl pencil under the eye, always from the middle to the outside.

You do not draw the whole outline of the eye so as not to close your eyes. For more light, you can, however, pass a little white kohl inside the eye.

Finally, we enlarge the look by makeup eyelashes with curling mascara.

The makeup of small eyes: the right colors

Do not miss the right colors when you make up your little eyes. Tones that are too dark have no place in your vanity!

These contribute, in fact, to make the eye smaller. To illuminate her eyes, opt for shades of ivory, pink or peach.

How To Properly Apply Your Eyeshadow According To The Shape Of Your Eyes?

You have reproduced to perfection this smoky iridescent spotted on a parade but nothing to do, it does not put your eyes in value? This may be because you have not adapted your eyelid makeup to the shape of your eyes.

You do not apply your eyeshadow in the same way if you have round, spread, almond or sunken eyes.

How to draw a smoky tailor-made? Sandrine Holsin, Head of Formation Bourjois, guides us in the mysterious world of eyeshadow.

For custom-made eyelid makeup, we have two challenges: first, make up your eyes based on their color. That we know how to do. Then, remains to properly apply her eyeshadow according to the shape of the eyes.

To succeed in this technical challenge in beauty, we follow the advice of Sandrine Holden, Head of Training Bourjois.

Above all, the professional reminds us of the basic rule of makeup: the light colors enlarge the eyes and attract the light where they are applied, while the dark colors attenuate certain areas, carve the eye and make it gain in intensity.

It remains to know where to put the light makeup and dark makeup according to the shape of her eyes. To your pallets, ready? Makeup!

Eyeshadow on Almond Eyes

Eyeshadow on almond eyes

Friends with almond eyes, rejoice, your eyes are the easiest to make up! The goal: to emphasize their pretty shape and give depth and intensity to the look.

The goal: to give depth to the eye.

For Sandrine Holsin, the ideal is to use a light eyeshadow on the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye to illuminate the eyes.

The dark eyeshadow is reserved for the outer corner of the eye and stretched to the hollow of the eye socket.

The final touch: a line of eyeliner on the eyelash, with the option cat eye light bonus.

How to apply your eyeshadow on sunken eyes?

Eyeshadow On Sunken Eyes

A sunken eye is nestled in the hollow of the eye socket and its fixed eyelid falls slightly on the mobile eyelid. The goal is to open and “illuminate” the look while preserving its depth.

The goal: to open and illuminate the eyes.

The trick of Sandrine Holsin is, to begin with, a layer of concealer and primer on the eyelid. This helps to unify the eyelid and ensure a better look afterward.

Then put a light makeup on the inner corner of the eye and the entire eyelid to the eyebrow under the eyebrow to “out” the eye.

To enhance the fixed eyelid, we put a slightly darker (but not too much) over the hollow of the eye socket and under the eyebrow bone. With the same dark makeup, we end with a light and subtle shading flush with lower lashes, the outer corner in the middle of the eye.

The bonus: a hint of a white pencil inside the eye to open the eyes.

Eyeshadow on Small Eyes

Eyeshadow on Small Eyes

“When the eyes look too small the goal is simply to enlarge the look, so avoid too dark shades and black kohl pencil inside the eye,” says Sandrine Holsin.

The goal: to enlarge the look.

We begin by applying a light shade over the entire eyelid to the brow bone.

Then, we put a more intense makeup (taupe or light brown) on the hollow of the orbit and flush upper lashes and the outer corner of the lower lashes.

To guarantee the luminous effect, we can add a touch of light to the center of the eyelid, with an iridescent eyeshadow for example.

A touch of white kohl pencil inside the eye, and it’s the wow effect guaranteed!

Apply your eyeshadow properly when you have round eyes

Eyeshadow Pop in Castelbajac Trends For Fall-Winter

The goal when making up around eyes is to stretch them to give them a more almond shape.

The goal: to stretch the look.

For this, we arm ourselves with three eyeshadow: a light shade, a shade of medium intensity and a sustained hue.

The light makeup must be placed on the inner corner of the eye, illuminate the eye, then on the brow bone, to enlarge.

Then apply the medium shade to the middle of the eyelid by stretching it slightly towards the inner and outer corners of the eye.

The dark makeup, meanwhile, comes from the outer corner of the eye to the tip of the eyebrow, like a doe eye effect. With this same hue, we underline the flush of lower lashes, from the middle to the outside without going to the inner corner.

How to apply eyeshadow to falling eyes?

eyeshadow to falling eyes

We speak of drooping eyes when their outer corners seem to be pointing downwards, which can give a sad or tired look. The goal is to give a push-up effect to the eyes to boost the eye.

The goal: to wake up the look.

The advice of Sandrine Holsin is to avoid weighing the lower lashes by shading, especially on the outer corners.

We put rather on the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye, which is illuminated with a light makeup (or even in silver or gold glitter makeup ).

Dark eyeshadow is concentrated on the outer corner of the eye, making sure to stretch it upward to the hollow of the eye socket.

Eyeshadow on Close Eyes

Eyeshadow on Close Eyes

The goal? Illuminate the inner corner of the eye and accentuate the outer corner to give the illusion that there is more space between the eyes.

The goal? Illuminate the inner corner of the eye.

We start by applying a clear and iridescent (and especially not dark) makeup on the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid. Already, the eyes seem more spread!

Then we put a dark blush at the outer corner of the eye. To twister a little more its eyelid, the secret is to achieve a gradient between light and dark shades. For this, they are blurred using an intermediate shade on the middle of the eyelid.

Apply your eyeshadow properly when you have your eyes apart

The goal on eyes apart is to reduce the distance between the eyes. The trick is to achieve a slightly smoky effect on the inner corner of the eye thanks to a dark hue.

The goal: to reduce the distance between the eyes.

We begin by applying a clear eye on the outer two-thirds of the eyelid, under the eyebrow.

Then, we put a slightly darker eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye, stretching towards the wing of the nose.

As a bonus, Sandrine Holsin advises ending with an “inner cat eyeliner”: draw a line of fine eyeliner flush with the lower and upper eyelashes and stretch the lines to the inner corner until they meet to form a V.

> “You have beautiful eyelids, you know?”

How To Make Up Eyelids Drooping?

Drooping eyelids tend to weigh down the eyes and give an impression of fatigue. To remedy this, discover all our makeup tips!

Erase your droopy eyelids with makeup

When the skin under the brow bone is relaxed or bulging, it partially hides the eyelid moving: it is called drooping eyelids.

These last also appear often with the aging, when the skin loses its elasticity. Fortunately, with suitable makeup, you will not have to worry!

To soften the tired effect, it is essential to open the eyes. First, we work the eyebrow so that it does not come darken the eye more.

Shaved and redrawn correctly, it will give a new direction to your eyes. Draw a few small pencil lines to give it a perfect shape.

You avoid drawing a single line to maintain a natural effect.

The trick to erase a drooping eyelid? Ignore the natural hollow of the eyelid. Apply a clear shade over this hollow, and blend it into the brow bone.

Then apply a darker eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye, and degrade the darker to lighter color by going to the inner corner of the eyelid.

Eyeliner and mascara for droopy eyelids

The eyeliner plays a major role in giving the eyes more vitality. It is he who will bring the essential glamorous touch!

Simply draw a line from half of the eyelid outwards and flush with the eyelashes.

To enhance her eyeballs, the line is traced slightly towards the eyebrows.

Finish with mascara. It should only apply to half of the eyelashes, always going outward.

Brush your eyelashes in an upward motion so as not to accentuate the falling effect.

For a better effect, you can use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

To give more light to your eyes, consider applying a line of white kohl pencil on the lining inside the eye. Here you are with pretty almond eyes! Goodbye, look sad and tired ?!

Makeup errors for droopy eyelids

The makeup of drooping eyelids requires to respect some rules and avoid odd ones that ruin all your efforts!

Dark colors too dark are to be banned from the makeup kit. On the contrary, we prefer the gradients.

Pearly or creamy eyeshadows are not suitable either. Opt for matte textures instead.

Finally, do not forget the golden rule for an enlarged look: we never draw all the outline of the eye, but only the outer half!

How to Increase the Eye With Makeup Pictures

Big expressive eyes make a girl more attractive. No wonder that so much talk about the notorious “mirror of the soul!” If nature does not reward you with huge eyes, the experience is not necessary – with the help of make-up you can easily fix it.

Eye With Makeup

We asked makeup artist brand Yves Saint Laurent Mary Pyrenkovu the example of five models to show us, how you can significantly increase the eye with makeup. The result is impressive!

How To Get Beautiful Eye With Makeup

Almost any eye makeup is able to visually enlarge them, but I will show some especially spectacular tricks.

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

To highlight the bright blue eyes of Karina, I used shades of berry and pink shades of mosaic Couture Palette 7, which emphasize the bright colors of eyes and make them a little greener.

I also dealt two coats of mascara with the effect of false eyelashes Volume Effet Faux Mascara Cils, to visually open the eyes.

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Our heroine’s eyes an unusual light green hue, and, to highlight their, I paid a contrasting shade of bronze with a golden glow Couture Palette 3 all movable eyelids, but on the inside – Beige Kaya, to make them look more delicate.

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

The deep shade of brown eyes makes me stressed cool shades of green mosaic Couture Palette 8, and tweaks the lashes using the mascara Volume Effet Faux Mascara Cils Baby Doll, to give them a flirty twist and make the eyes visually bigger.

Eye Makeup For Gray Eyes

The owner of the gray-blue eyes is very cold peach and brown tones. Peach mosaic of Couture Palette 2 I inflicted on the mobile eyelid, and brown – on the outer corners.

Also, painting eyelashes, I apply mascara from the roots to the tips, pulling them to the temples, to make the feline eyes.

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes With a Touch of Honey

Before applying makeup, I twist cilia using curling tongs, to make the eyes more round and open.

Turquoise tones of shadows palettes Couture Palette 10 give brown eyes honey color and do look mysterious.

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