How To Use Blue Lipstick? With Soft Foundation Make It Easy


Who says no good blue lipstick on your lips some artists proven world class Selena Gomez, Kesha, and others. They still appear confident with the blue lipstick adorning sweet lips.

Blue Lipstick

In addition to the bright colors the impression of rock and very fierce look with these colors.

The blue color is usually suitable for brown skin color but for those who want to be different there’s no harm in trying. For those of you who want to change the feel of the other, the following steps apply blue lipstick on your lips:

1. Apply Soft Foundation

The first step that needs to be done is to apply foundation thin. But before you clean the rest of the lips before lipstick that the color does not overlap, Providing this foundation over the lips so soft and smooth. In addition it is also more neutral lip color, making it easy to create a lighter color.

2. Make Lip Lines

Make lip line should be careful. Let the lips relax first and start at the outer lip line for thicker impression. As for the impression of a thin draw a line from the lip liner. The lines are made to follow the flow of the lip line.

Use colors that match the color of lipstick. Choose a lip liner color darker level suitable for thin lipped and you want to make lips bigger impression.

3. Cover With Lip Moisturizer

In order lips still look moist and not dry give a little lip balm around the lips evenly. Let absorbed before finally overlaid with blue lipstick you. Lip balm can also be used in everyday life to keep moisture from your lips.

4. Apply a Overcast

Begin applying lipstick precisely on the inside of the lip line. Begin applying a lipstick from the center of the lip to the tip. Flatten lipstick using a lipstick brush; do not let anyone clot in your lips. Apply lip gloss anyway so lips look shinny or glossy and of course keep it moist.

5. Pair With Make Up line

To blend blue lipstick you can combine them with eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara color matching. Light blue eye liner is suitable for those who have brown eyes, so your eyes will look browner.

Mix well with nail polish, or blue shirt. For color selection is tailored to the event and needs. Be ‘the blue day’ for you.

The steps above you can apply yourself at home, or come to a beauty salon for a more practical reason.

Blue lipstick will make you look more radiant and was party be the center of attention of many people. Light-colored lipstick is more appropriate to use during the day.

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