Justin Bieber Launches His Brand Of Clothes And Gets Bored Firm


today the majority of them make its image grow by all means.

it’s time Justin Bieber’s turn.

who has just launched his ready-to-wear brand called Drew.

Justin Bieber Launches His Brand Of Clothes And Gets Bored Firm

A monochrome concentrate of beige oversized pieces already seen and regressive smiley, which represents Justin’s so casual style.

Sorry, but we’re already bored …

We do not know you, but we are getting tired of being taken for pigeons by some celebrities.

Generally all based on the other side of the Atlantic (that’s already it).

Sometimes, we have a doubt about the personal involvement of stars. but also because they often sell us articles devoid of creativity.

It’s a bit what Justin Bieber did by launching his own brand of clothes Wednesday, January 30, 2019 …

Ordinary pieces already sold out

But before getting to the heart of the matter, we want to be honest.

It is straightforward that we prefer to tell you that the global style of Justin Bieber is absolutely not an example for us.

For while other urban singers of his generation are doing particularly well, him on the other hand, displays a look of the most neglected permanently.

Justin Bieber Brand Of Clothes

In addition to wearing a questionable hair style for some time, Hailey Baldwin’s husband seems to be flirting with fashion and appearance.

Apparently unable to compose himself an acceptable set, he never hesitates to draw the slippers in the street.

After all why not, but then why did you start “Drew” (his middle name): to encourage us to follow his rebellious vibe?

No, frankly, most of the time when you look at Justin, his style makes you feel more like a kid in search of identity than anything else.

Unsurprisingly, we discover a collection that is almost entirely made up of oversized beige corduroy clothes, stamped with a big smiley inspired by the logo of the supermarket chain Walmart.

Between these depressing clothes, which look straight out of a parade of Kanye West missed (that’s saying!),

 the lack of committed creativity and the disdainful faces of the tops that strike the pose, we say to ourselves that there is really nothing to blush …

But Justin Bieber is proud of him.

It took only 24 hours to the former child star to mobilize his fans, obviously ready for anything to get these pieces informs that we could shop on sale at H & M.

Only positive point to put to the credit of Justin: prices.

Unlike other stars – like Kimy’s husband – who takes us back to cyclists like Decathlon at a bargain price (cuckoo the cyclist at $ 800),

Pieces from the collection of the former Selena Gomez oscillate between $ 48 and $ 148.

Get ready, accessories like these delicious slippers and other flashy jewelery of the best taste should quickly arrive to complete all that.

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