Chinese Stars Long Hair Turned into Short Hair For 2020 2021

Chinese stars long hair! No need to resort to wigs, you can still soft coral long hair turned into short hair personality.

Fan Bingbing faithful with long hair flowing, but there was a time, became her personality with short hair shoulder length. Zhou Xun often appears with short hair, but never boring, because she has a very graceful styling.

Indeed, the “call processing” the hair pretty simple, does not require the professional hairdresser, the stylist skilled. Be prepared for her hot rollers, hairspray and a pair of pins to change the look for yourselves!

2020 2021 Chinese Stars Long Hair

Zhou Xun Shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hair is quite thin and Zhou Xun not particularly impressed, but when the youthful style and personality.

Learning Chinese Stars Beautiful Hair Every Day step 01

Type 1: To create something like this, first, you divide the hair into 2 parts in ratio 3:1. The collapse of more hair twisted and tucked to one side. Use clips to firmly clamp length.

Learning Chinese Stars Beautiful Hair Every Day

With the remaining hair, small comb hair dropped to the foot of the bulge. Use hot rollers curling the hair in the direction from outside to create the bulge and curve.

Learning Chinese Stars Beautiful Hair Every Day-01

Hand bend just removes curls into smaller pigs, using clamp clips to the inside of the hair.

Learning Chinese Stars Beautiful Hair Every Day-02

Spray adhesive to maintain and keep the hair sticky hair shape. This hairstyle is not only strange but also very chic, ladylike.

long hair , shoulder-length bob by chun dark braids

Type 2: long hair, you can style the shoulder-length bob young, easily streamlined. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Year 3 curls in third in the hair. Fixed by Chun dark braids.

Gently fold the hair in the direction from outside to inside. Using a pair of hair clips, the hair fixed after the parotid. Finally, sprayed hair care and fixed lines. Pushing the slight bulge in the hair to create hair.

Bingbing shoulder length hair

Type 3: From long hair usually see, styling Bingbing had to have shoulder length hair slightly tangled, create and youthful personality traits.

curling hair stylers

To create this hairstyle, first, you divide hair into 2 equal portions. Use curling hairstyles to create the bulge.

slightly dropped tail hair

just brush just keep sticky hairspray glue. Use clamp clips fixed to the ends of your hair first, to not be disproportion hair and keep the shoulder short.

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