Sour is known to be funny. But lemon water can do much more and is considered very healthy. You can now find out what advantages drinking offers and what you should consider.

Lemon water is considered an extremely healthy food and is said to have a positive effect on your body. Drinking it every morning is not only proven to detoxify but also protects your joints, improves your complexion, and strengthens your immune system. But which effects can you achieve through regular consumption and what should you consider when consuming? We’ll tell you why the drink is so healthy and which things are important when preparing it.

Lemon Drink not only brings a natural refreshment kick. but also has a number of positive effects on your body.

Pros: You can expect these 5 effects

Drinking a glass of lemon water regularly has many benefits. You can now find out what effects you can expect and how the consumption of lemon juice affects your body.

01. Lemon water strengthens the immune system

Lemons are considered the epitome of health and are known as vitamin C suppliers. But the fruit can do so much more: lemon water is full of valuable antioxidants and strengthens the body’s defenses.

Scientists from the University of Buenos Aires also discovered that the water has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. With its numerous vitamins, the drink is an excellent booster for the immune system and, if consumed regularly, can protect you from infections and diseases.

02. Lemon water deacidified

It sounds paradoxical: lemon juice is actually full of acid. How can the drink still deacidify the body? Although lemon water has a sour taste, the liquid is basic according to the acid-base model. The fruit acids are broken down in the body into carbon dioxide and water so that at the end of this process only the basic minerals of the lemon are present.

All in all, lemon water has a basic effect on eight levels. On the one hand, the drink scores with a large number of minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, there are few acid-forming amino acids. Another plus is that the lemon does not leave any harmful metabolic residues that the body would then have to laboriously neutralize.

03. Lemon water aids in digestion

Do you often suffer from indigestion or stomach problems? With a glass of lemon water a day, you can support your digestive system while activating the liver’s bile production. In addition, the acid contained in the lemon supports your stomach in digesting protein.

In order to get your digestion going again, in addition to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle with enough exercise, you should also regularly use water. The pectins contained in the lemon also ensure that everything runs smoothly with your digestion.

04. Lemon water detoxifies

Taking a detox or fasting from time to time can have a positive effect on your health. But a daily glass of lemon water in the morning can also help you detox. water has a slightly draining effect and therefore favors the elimination of excess water and harmful toxins. In this way, you can prevent water retention and slagging.

This also has a positive effect on your skin. Your complexion will improve and your complexion will appear firmer. In addition, the potassium contained in lemon juice scores with its draining effect and ensures that your skin is supplied with sufficient moisture.

05. Lemon water activates the metabolism

Due to its draining and detoxifying effects, lemon water can also help you lose weight or support your diet. In particular, the polyphenols contained in the lemon peel ensure that the breakdown of fat is promoted. They activate specific genes that set the degradation processes in motion. The water can also boost your metabolism. You will benefit most from the effect if you drink the water on an empty stomach in the morning.

This is how you succeed

Making lemon water is – literally – done in no time. You only need these two ingredients:

  • ½ lemon
  • 250-300ml of water
  1. Halve the lemon. For squeezing, you can use either a hand press or an electric press.
  2. Pour the juice into a glass along with the water and stir well.
  3. If you like it a little sweeter, you can add a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar. However, try to avoid sweeteners at first so you don’t get used to the taste.

The preparation: You should pay attention to this

You’ve already learned that making lemon water isn’t complicated. However, to ensure safe enjoyment, you should consider three things:

  1. Always use untreated lemons that have an organic seal. You can even use the peel of these fruits and refine your dishes, smoothies, and drinks with the abrasion. If the lemons are heavily contaminated with chemicals, it can happen that these get into the juice when you squeeze them. Another advantage of organic lemons is that you can benefit from the high-quality ingredients contained in the peel.
  2. If you fancy a hot lemon, you can also warm the water. However, you should make sure that the water does not boil, because then the healthy components of the lemon are lost and die off.
  3. Experts recommend both spring water and filtered tap water for the preparation. Sparkling water, on the other hand, is not suitable.

Does lemon water damage teeth?

Although drinking lemon water has a positive effect on your health, there is a rumor that the drink can damage your teeth in the long run. The trigger is said to be the acid contained in the lemon. Increased consumption, can attack the tooth enamel and make the teeth more sensitive.

However, this only applies if you would sip on the drink for several hours. If you want to eliminate any risk of tooth damage, you can consider the following things:

  • Use cold water. Hot water increases the effect of the acid.
  • Use a straw. It ensures that the liquid does not directly touch your teeth.
  • You can dilute the lemon water heavily.
  • Then rinse your mouth with water.

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