How To Lose Weight Adriana Lima, Choose A Perfume, 8 Tips Make Selfie


How to lose weight Adriana Lima Brazilian supermodel shared with her secrets. “I do not want to pretend to be if I do not use make-up and look good because of genetics!”

“Many of my colleagues, a model, actress, and singer in an interview to say, that the wash with clean water, applied to the skin oil, and sleep for 8 hours – and it’s all the secrets of their beauty.

On for, who would believe it? I do not know, what they are ashamed, but I decided to be honest to tell, as “arranged” my appearance and what I do to maintain it “, – says Adrian.

Adriana Lima Skin Care

“I use the services of well-known beautician Herve Ero, she was French, and for the selection of tools, I have to fly her to Paris. She studies the condition of my skin and gives me the recipe, which I understand only punctuation.

I give it to the lab and was doing everything for me, from the serum before the night cream. I took me about once a month, because of the skin changes due to climate, the shooting process or the amount of air travel.

Adriana Lima Skin Care Sunscreen Spf 50 Vitamin E, Water Up To 80 Minutes

Honestly, I do not believe, that the usual cream, bought from a regular store, capable of anything, except for softening and moisturizing, regardless of its price. Just because, that she had not picked up the expert but what is really important and you need to buy – its sunscreen. SPF 50 – this is my minimum.

Favorite brand – of Sun Bum, it is an organic, vegan, enriched with vitamin E

You to stay in the water up to 80 minutes, without the risk. And it is not expensive: less than $ 20 for a bottle of 237 ml.”

Adriana Lima Fight Against Acne

“This is my bane. I have a fairly wide pore, and in the evening to find a pimple begins to swell – a routine. If in the next few days I did not shoot coming, I … do not do anything. I wait, until it matures, will burst and heal.

So I advised my beautician: the less you touch – the faster will be held and will be less likely to appear. The only care – washing with an antibacterial agent.

If you wait 2-3 days – not an option, then I put on a pot of tea tree oil, it speeds up the healing process of the skin. But in fact, I must confess, I was so used, from time to time I have acne, I do not even worry about it. Well, acne, at all happens, I do not see a reason for the complexes! “

Adriana Lima Everyday Makeup

“I can not afford not to be painted, alas. The primer, a little BB-cream, mascara and always carefully draw the eyebrows of my own too short, so the “tail” I Doris pencil, and then align the shadows of the entire eyebrow, to shade no different. It’s minimum. If I want to look a little brighter, I add red lipstick; I have a whole collection of different colors.”

Adriana Lima Everyday Makeup, Bb-Cream, Mascara, Draw The Eyebrows Add Red Lipstick

Adriana Lima Hair Care

“In general, my grandmother told me to do so every day, but I am lazy and do wrap 1-2 times a week, shame and disgrace me. Every Brazilian knows the secret and uses it, every student the children.

Before going to bed to the hair nourishing oil (jojoba, macadamia nut, olive, coconut – which is near at hand), and then wrap a towel (not film!), More reliable, and secure it to go to sleep. Nothing better for the hair yet invented. “

Adriana Lima Fitness

The gym, which is all pretty slow – not mine, so I’m alternating boxing and running. I do no more than 45 minutes, enough for me, and not every day.

My rule – Boxing Day, then the day of the run, then a day without fitness. It turns out 4 days a week I am doing and rest 3. If I need to lose weight (yes, it happens), I turn to the daily activities.

Adriana Lima Fitness Gym Exercise, Boxing And Running Deal To Lose Weight

I was convinced for many years: it is important not exercise duration, and its regularity. You will lose weight if you deal with every day for 30 minutes, then 1.5 hours, but twice a week. “

Adriana Lima Diet

“That’s where I am the right maniac. Vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, carbohydrates – all must be balanced, approved by a dietitian and is painted on the clock.

Yes, sometimes I want to howl like a wolf, because normal people eating pizza and barbecue, and I can not. But then I say to myself: “Adrian, you chose the profession model.

No, you did not make. Do you want to quit your job for a piece of pizza? No? Then go and chew broccoli, and that’s enough whining. “

Adriana Lima Diet Vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Adriana Lima Selfies

“Probably, the majority read my interview just for the sake of this item. OK, I tell. I trained to do selfie for a long time, and still could not find a universal perspective, so that with the makeup, and without her, and in all lighting conditions look good.

Then I find: it is necessary to sit down, pick up the face and slightly tilt your head, shoot with the arm. Seriously, so it is best. “

Adriana Lima Selfies With Makeup Look

Adriana Lima Fragrance

“Fragrance should evoke memories. Otherwise, it’s just a flavoring. In the garden of my grandmother blooming gardenia fantastic, and for me are the smell of happiness, a carefree childhood, absolute freedom, and love.

So all of my fragrances based on a note of gardenia. I’m sure, that everyone has a smell, which gives rise to the warmest memories. That’s it, and be found in perfumes”

Adriana Lima Fragrance

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