The sun at the zenith, the sand, the salt water … In summer, all the elements agree to make our hair more beautiful, brighter and brighter. But this is also the time when they require special attention: moisturizing treatments to palliate the dryness due to the sun, styling sprays to prolong the beach wave’s effect … To have beautiful hair in summer and during all the following winter, here is our indispensable shopping.

In summer, hair is as sublimated as it is fragile. In fact, the cocktail sun, sea, south wind and chlorine of the pool, which have the chic to both gold hair and wipe dry.

The hair is heated by the sun, wet by the sea, dried with a beach towel, then re-wet, re-dried and then washed almost every night … In short, they require as much attention as Heart of yesterday. So Objective 1 is to hydrate.

Once fed, all you have to do is reveal their summer beauty with the right styling products. Objective 2, therefore: styliser.

Here are all the essential products to have beautiful hair all summer, even after the re-entry!

Good moisturizing care in summer

What is the worst torture to inflict on the hair? The drying rhythm water-wind-water-sun. It’s a bit like having a non-stop hook-up dryer on the lengths and scalp. A real accelerator of scales in battle and split ends!

Therefore, in summer, a single credo: And it goes through a whole army of specific care to apply daily or more punctually, but always with the greatest meticulousness.

Let’s start with the most basic hair care I’ve named, the shampoo. In summer, we move more, we go out more, we go to the beach, and so we wash our hair a lot. It is strongly recommended to swap your classic shampoo for a mild shampoo at neutral PH.

The more rigorous can even afford an after-sun shampoo.

To insist on the hydration of the lengths, one does not zap the crucial step of the conditioner. Especially since a day to bask on hot sand often involves severe knots in the hair!

For those who have particularly damaged hair in summer, it may be advisable to nourish their hair daily with a hair oil (for example monoi) or a moisturizing serum.

Finally, once or twice a week, a moisturizing hair mask is left overnight. The main ingredients for hydrated hair all summer are avocado, shea butter, aloe vera, honey …

Associated in ultra nourishing and restorative formulas, they boost the production of collagen and smooth the scales of the hair.

The best styling products for beautiful hair in summer

Once you have well anticipated and repaired the damage of the sun on the hair, remains to give them all the splendor that they deserve in the beautiful season.

The objective? Highlight the most beautiful effects of summer on our hair. Level hairstyle, we give to give her hair a wavy effect, as if we were returning from the beach!

To sculpt beautiful beach waves, here is the technique: after the shampoo, apply a dab of salty spray on hair still wet.

The secret is to apply the product by pressing the tips of the hair with your fingers, from below. Then, the hair is allowed to dry in the open air and above all, it is not brushed!

If you have very dry hair, on the other hand, it is better to prefer texturizing sprays without salt, to avoid drying the hair even more.

And for glossy and shiny hair all summer, fill up with serums, sublimating oils and shine sprays. They are applied to finish just before going out. Be careful not to put too much, at the risk of weighing down the hair and greasing prematurely.

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