Cool Short Haircuts Suit Every Face Shape For Short Hairstyles


In search of the perfect short Haircuts, medium hairstyle, cool fashion to best suit your face shape.

Here Are 4 Short Haircuts In Different Face Shape

1. Oval Face

This is the perfect face for it may be appropriate to every short hairstyle from gentle to most personality.

The important thing is that you choose the style that best suits your short haircuts style and your personality only.

2. Round Face

Bob hairstyle with long bangs covering half the face is the perfect solution for round faces.

3. Long Hand

“Great way” thick roof will help you cover the forehead less, reducing length “plethora” of the face.

4. Square Face

The staggered curls will make your face become more symmetrical and attractive. hugging and effective cover a square chin, the square of jaw, sharp reduction “stiffness” of the face. Discover On SheLookBook

Do you have a round face? These hairstyles are best for you

Nothing distorts a beautiful person, they say. A few simple tricks, you can bring your advantages.

What catches your eye first? Your face – and the hair that surrounds it. If you have a round face, we will tell you here which hairstyles suit you best – from short to long.

The five best hairstyles for a round face:

01. The Pixie

A pixie looks great on women with a round face. It is important that the sides are cut short and that you keep a little more volume at the top.

Don’t: A deep side parting with long fringe or protruding sides are not beneficial for a round face.

02. Bob with a light side parting

The classic, chin-length bob is not the ideal haircut for women with a round face. How does it work anyway? With a light, not too deep side parting and slight waves.

Don’t: asymmetry and movement flatter round face types.

03. The praise

The praise that ends between the chin and collarbone is perfect. Slight waves play around the face and make it look narrower.

Don’t: Blow dry the praise inwards, wear it with the center parting and clamp it behind your ears. The more natural the look, the better it fits women with a round face.

04. Side bangs

A side bangs with a round face. Here, too, the look should be worn casually and not styled too accurately.

Don’t: Set the crown too low, you can quickly achieve the opposite: the face looks even rounder. Side fringes with a slight side parting are better.

05. Step cuts

Do you love your long mane? Your face with a casual layered cut in which the hair falls sideways in the face. The curtain fringe is trendy and looks great on you. This will loosen up the very harmonious, round shape of your face.

Don’t: Tie back long hair strictly. If you want to put your hair together, you should tie it up into a loose top knot. That stretches the face optically.

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