Top 8 Slimming Tips at Home to Remove Few Pounds


Slimming tips at homeSlimming tips at home after an effective system it is not uncommon to see the needle of the balance to an extended break on the last index weight obtained when we remove our last dreams of cellulite. Slimming tips at home For satisfaction, sometimes just tricks. Come on, we share them with you 8 tips!

Step By Step Slimming Tips at Home

1. Taking Stock

What we obtained gene in weight? Its level is still too high despite a good lean shape or dimpling yet to dislodge the hips, thighs or belly? This analysis is necessary to decide what action to take.

Indeed, during a diet when you eat more protein and implemented a program of physical activity it inevitably took the muscle which weighs her weight on the scale. In other words the three pounds that taunting us may be simply pounds of muscle. A quick calculation of BMI (body mass index) will shed light on the presence or absence of fat yet to be eliminated. If they are embedded or dimpling calves too loud we put the morale the actions are not necessarily food. Hence the importance of this balance sheet.

2. It Accelerates Not

To lose weight you need to move. At least thirty minutes of brisk walking each day is to make our menu form without forgetting to put climbs stairs rather than wait for the elevator or escalator. You can also extend its small five minute session abdominal exercises every morning. Make three additional lengths of the pool …

Increase energy expenditure leads to term weight loss and actual loss quickly enough volume and regal age harmonious silhouette.

3. We Trap Fats

Nature is rich in herbs that have natural fat-eating effects. This is the case of algae as agar in vogue, the focus but oat bran. You can easily find these products in natural food stores. Agar is cooked easily and was the subject of several books of sweet and savory recipes for two years. The focus is consumed mainly in food supplements (capsules, diet drinks). As oat bran, just add a tablespoon at a little cheese or sprinkle it on a salad.

4. We Play On Alternatives

Instead of sugar a little honey or a natural sweetener Stevia kind. Instead of flour cornstarch less rich in calories. Spices instead of salt which promotes water retention and appetite. Dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate sweeter. Cooking foil or broth instead of a grill in olive oil. These tricks are down casually adding calories. Do not forget that 40 extra calories per day (half a yogurt) is four pounds heavier end of the year!

5. This Eliminates the Temptation

Come let’s face it even the regime is cracked a little every day two squares of chocolate, a little butter with a cup of tea on a sweet pass or a slice of fresh bread not planned the menu. Nothing really catastrophic since managed to still lose five or ten pounds. But when the balance stubbornly stand still this is where we need to work to restart the machine. It removes her closets all sources of temptations and begs colleagues to withdraw our temptations. It was always a bowl in the fridge ready carrots and diced cucumbers fresh radishes and cauliflower. It is prepared in a small bowl to leave permanently in her purse to not crack a growing waiting for the subway.

6. It Builds On the Natural Appetite Suppressants

A boiled egg nothing better to fill us when we face hunger. Especially if you go out to dinner and a drink may go on forever. At first, we sulk the appetizers and eventually reach into the cup pistachios. Swallow a bowl of homemade vegetable soup is an infallible remedy. Or a small bowl of cottage cheese flavored with fresh herbs or applesauce without added sugar.

7. It Removes Light Drinks

Officially these drinks are close to zero calories. But they maintain the appetite for sweet taste, which leads us in case of hunger to choose two squares of chocolate or any other sweet rather than a fruit or low fat yoghurt without sugar. Moreover, some metabolism may react to aspartame in them.

8. Is Fixed Immutable Rules

Do not eat standing up or on the street. Do not skip meals Refuse invitations to fast food or Chinese restaurant. Eat a plate small size and never reused Use chopsticks (or its stand on the table covered with every bite) to eat slower. Do not put bread on the table. It thus establishes a number of rules that do not deviate.

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