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Do you have long hair and are you looking for the ideal haircut? Whether your hair is straight, curly, frizzy, or soft, the shelookbook gives you all the ideas for trendy haircuts for long hair. The most difficult will certainly be to make your choice!

Long hair is synonymous with femininity and elegance.
At the level of the shoulder blades, shoulders, or elbows, long hair is synonymous with glamor and sexy.

But what long haircut to adopt?
That is the question. We give you all our haircut inspirations for long and mid-length hair.

your Long Hair is straight, curly, frizzy

Haircuts for medium-length hair

Mid-length hair is handy when you want to freshen up your haircut without taking the whole length off.

If you want to keep it simple, opt for the long square. Easy to style, the long square allows you to tie your hair.

To increase the volume, bet on a degraded model. Fuzzy square, asymmetrical gradient… The possibilities are endless with mid-length hair.

You can also change your look by opting for bangs. Asymmetrical, straight, on the side… The bangs dress up your haircut.

Cuts for long curly hair

With curly hair, you can afford many haircuts. The straight cut gives a completely symmetrical look. It is rather reserved for light curls, and soft and wavy hair because it weighs down the hair.

With long and curly hair, you can also opt for a degraded or tapered cut. This model makes it possible to lighten the hair to make it less loaded. With this haircut, you can also play with volumes.

If you want to add a little pep to your hairstyle, you can opt for bangs. However, be careful not to cut it too short! Curly hair pulls up when damp.

Long hair: degraded haircuts

Long haircuts associated with a gradient are the ultimate ally of fine hair without volume.

To boost fine hair, you have to subtly degrade the hairstyle. Too pronounced a gradient risks making the ends of the hair too fine.

And even if you don’t have fine hair, layers are a friend of long hair. It gives hold of your hair.

There is no shortage of haircut ideas! For sure, after reading our complete long hair file, you will want THE long haircut that will suit you perfectly.

The most beautiful cuts for long hair seen on people

Remember Jennifer Anniston’s mythical haircut in Friends, a beautiful long layer to give style.

The queen of beautiful long hair is Blake Lively.
Her long surfer-style haircut with wavy curls makes more than one dream.

And if you dream of having long hair like Rapunzel (or almost), discover our natural tips for growing hair.