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The main color of the Elie Saab collection is black. But this does not mean at all that everything is so gloomy and hopeless! White stood in tandem with black – diluting and softening the dark palette. Bright flashes of scarlet “invigorated” and charged with energy, and the golden details that appeared on the podium reminded that Eli Saab is pure beauty and luxury.

As the show went on, black became more transparent and refined, embodied in velvet and tulle. At times, it gave way to gray and polka dot print and then dresses of bright purple and emerald green blew up the aromatic palette.

The collection, according to the designer, was inspired by Spanish Andalusia – hence the abundance of frills and lace, voluminous sleeves and tulle skirts. And the unifying element of all the images became bow collars that adorned blouses and dresses.
Elie Saab Fall-Winter 2020-2021