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Here we are: you have an evening and you do not know what evening dress to wear! Long evening dress, short evening dress, cocktail dress, evening dress for a wedding, strapless evening dress, little black dress … Whatever dress you choose, you need THE party dress that slams! To help you, Shelookbook.com unveils you how to dress up for you to find your happiness.

Evening Dresses, Short Cocktail Dress

Who says evening says evening dress. Looking for an alternative to the eternal little black dress that all your friends will wear tonight?

Do not panic, you will find it, your evening dress!

How? By following our advice to choose her evening dress!

The long evening dress

A safe bet that makes you feel comfortable … and out of the ordinary.

The long dress is indeed unusual and few girls dare to wear it in the evening. Good pick if you opt for the long dress!

For who? The long dress is perfectly suited to long silhouettes.

Strapless evening dress

Sexy in essence, the strapless dress is easily worn at a party or wedding, for example.

For who? It is suitable for small breasts, who will see there the way to have a little fun.

Absolute red card for strong breasts, however: the strapless dress is cunning and needs a minimum of support, not compatible with bandeau bras that must be worn with this type of dress!

The cocktail dress

We see you there, perplexed by this terminology. What is a cocktail dress?


Simply a little dress that can be worn at the office before spinning at a cocktail party. Do you see the idea?

So, the cocktail dress is a little chic dress but not too much.

Not pretentious for a penny, she is as comfortable with a pair of boots as a pair of pumps.

It is preferably chosen with a colorful or polka dot print to get noticed just right.

The short evening dress

Ultra sexy, the short dress is more easily worn in winter … Tights require!

Since it is short, calm the game on the print or on the color … Not enough too much.

For who? The short dress will highlight the finesse of your legs. Ideal for those who have broad shoulders because the focus will be on your legs!

The white evening dress

Dare to wear it in any case … Unless you are at a wedding!

The white dress is simpler than you think and will make you dazzling …

For who? If you are very white with skin, forget! On the other hand with a complexion halted or very dark, the rendering will be very pretty.

>>> All you have to do is find your happiness with our selection and have a good evening!