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Miranda Kerr profession testimonial: attendance record for the top model in the country…

It is the testimonial of gettonata more time for underwear, shoes, perfumes and clothing. Miranda Kerr, the queen of advertising in 2014.

The queen of the endorsers of 2014 is definitely Miranda Kerr. After leaving her role as an angel of Victoria’s Secret was not sure to enjoy your free time, but she is thrown into the job. The numerous brands have opened their arms to their ad campaigns spring summer 2014.

Think about that when she posed the wings of an angel, many have spoken of her temper Australian, which makes it unbearable to photo shoots and more malicious argued that her collaborations were far too expensive. Probably all falsehood and it shows the summer 2014 because the Kerr sponsoring depopulated of all, with the risk of overexposing your image. And not only that, it is really hard to identify the product.

Marketing experts do not think the consumer? Sooner or later we will end the perfumery to buy a pair of underpants. It is the new Wonderbra girl and naughty while showing her new push up bra on another billboard (or advertising page ) we see exhibit her Calvin Klein briefs. It is everywhere as a woman icon H & M, perhaps the most adv viralizzata on social at this time. With grace and a smile from porcelain doll, stretches her neck jeweled Swarovski for the campaign and does not bridle even the feet in the foreground with Reebok sneakers.

In short, you are not missing anything done, considering that Escada has announced as the face of her latest perfume. It is true that fashion is fascinated by the fashions and Miranda Kerr has revealed a flaw: it hard to say no. The question arises: in autumn the Kerr – mania (or phobia for some) will be eclipsed?