20 Looks To Sting Taylor Swift Dressing Her Hairstyles With Accessories


Taylor Swift prefers micro-shorts or flared skirts or buttoned. Level up, Taylor is totally addicted to crop tops. It combines with all denim overalls, shorts, and a high waist skirt.

It is a fact, Taylor Swift has it all. Beauty, money, man, career, friends but also the look. In fashion, the pretty blonde ensures: girly chic style suits her perfectly. In each of her appearances, the fashion world observes and draws. It has put together 20 of her best looks to sting her urgently.

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Taylor Swift is the girl who can make us dream. Besides being beautiful and having a gorgeous body, she assumes her singing career, composer, and businesswoman. It is also the girlfriend of sexy DJ Calvin Harris. In addition to all this, fashion question, she knows how to do.

Although there have been changes in the style of Taylor Swift in recent years, she has her own fashion touch, and it assumes that the whole world wants to copy. We grant you, life is not fair.

Style Taylor Swift: on the red carpet

If Taylor is more discreet to the city, I must say it dares all on a red carpet. Without ever making a fashion faux pas, she likes to show off her perfect physique. Plunging neckline, tight-fitting suit, dress slit and transparent drape, the pretty blonde takes her sexy style without falling into the vulgar. Her trick? A discreet makeup, which subtly sublimes her beautiful face.

As for shoes, she loves XXL heels. Still perched on the very very top, she falls for the pretty shoe trends colorful and stylish.

Question shades, it is clear that Taylor Swift is a fan of the color block look: the farting pink, the bright orange, electric blue or printed mix N match.

Style Taylor Swift: in street style

In everyday life, Taylor Swift has her own style. Although she sticks to fashion trends of the moment, to take a look feminine and chic preppy spirit.

For this, it has its essential modes.

For the bottom, the interpreter of Bad Blood love unveils her long, muscular gams. It is inspired by pricking her the idea of girly dresses associated with male derbies.

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For accessories, Taylor Swift loves dressing her hair. It is not uncommon that it slides there a headband, a headband or bowlers to complete her look. For shoes, found her passion for heels in every genre.

Now that you know all about the style of Taylor Swift, get inspired by her 20 best looks!


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