Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women: The Top Haircuts 2020 2021


Short hair for beautiful women helps to show off a youthful, dynamic, and special charm. Below is a summary of beautiful short female hairstyles that suit all of the most popular faces today.
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Short, curly hair

Short curly hair possesses many outstanding advantages that many women choose. This hairstyle cut short of curls and curls to help conceal the face very effectively.

a myriad of hairstyles ranging from short, curly hairstyles.

Just by choosing the right style combining fashion colors, you will become extremely youthful and stylish.

Short hair layer

Short layer hair is one of the hot hairstyles leading the trend in 2021 that many women love to choose.

Owning this hairstyle makes your hair look thicker and suitable for all subjects from gentle personality to fashion styles.

Round-faced short hair

Help your girlfriend’s face become slimmer and more feminine.

Personality short hair

Personality short hair is gradually becoming an extremely hot fashion trend today. This hairstyle has a variety of styling suitable for all ages from old to young for women.

You can choose from different bob, short hair, lob, pixie … hairstyles for a dynamic, personality look. Combine more fashionable beautiful colors to add youthful charm.

Lightly curly short hair

Curling short hair is the perfect choice for any face. This is one of the hairstyles that will make your face slimmer, better looking. Moreover, curly curls are very easy to combine with outfits from walking, going to work to going out.


Short hair is very popular today and this is also the hairstyle that has captured the hearts of most women.

This hairstyle is suitable for all faces, especially round face.

Short hair trim layer

Layer trimming short hairstyles favored by many female friends to refresh themselves in a positive direction. Also, you can combine with dyes. fashion to brighten your face more youthful.

Short hair for big face

Girls with large round faces should choose for themselves short hairstyles that make their face more balanced and fuller. Choosing the right haircut will help you create more accents and increase the powerful charm.

You can choose from short, curly, curly, natural hairstyles or curls …. to conceal defects in the most discreet way.

Short bob hair

Short bob hair one of the hairstyles chosen by many young people. In particular, this hairstyle also favored by many stars in the entertainment industry to create a strong fever. The short bob hairstyle is suitable for all faces and exudes a luxurious natural beauty.

You can combine the types of long or thin roofs to make the face look much more youthful.

Short hair straight

Short, straight hair always brings you a youthful, gentle, and feminine beauty. This hairstyle cut short and then stretched in gently.

Certainly, feminine girls, the gentle style will not be able to deny the charm of this short, straight hairstyle.

Short straight hair

This hairstyle has many unique styles suitable for all faces from round long to square angles. This hairstyle is suitable for busy and simple girls. Just showcasing this hairstyle combined with outstanding fashion colors, you will become youthful and stylish wherever you appear.

Short, curly hair

Short curly hair hairstyle is suitable for all women, it brings a gentle, feminine. Thanks to that, your face will also become more luxurious and beautiful.

Wavy short hair

Wavy short hair is a classic variation of curls. This hairstyle is suitable for all faces from round long to perpendicular. Combined with bright dyes, you will have a luxurious look, seductive, generous, and personality.

Short, straight hair

Short, straight hair is one of the hairstyles that quickly caught the eye of girls since its inception. Hairstyles cut short and naturally stretched to create a fluffy look or oval faces. This short stretch will have a fresher beauty in the eyes of the opposite person.

Short straight hair

Short straight hair, though no longer a new hairstyle, has been chosen by many people in recent years. Especially, this hair is very suitable with ao dai, helping to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women.

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