A white mini skirt usually has a classic shape or model in white color and is made from stretch. Mini white can be called the fashion of all time. Because, since the first, until now these short skirt models still survive and continue to demand.

Not only among the fashion lovers almost all women would have been already very familiar with mini white. Yes, a mini white or white mini skirt is a short skirt above the knee. Usually about ten or fifteen centimeters above the knee.

White Mini Skirt Favorite For All Time
White Mini Skirt Favorite For All Time

Mini white did have the impression simple, fresh, and comfortable for those who wear them. As for the style of casual or formal depending on the use of white mini boss complete as solid match you with a reference style mini white, consider the following mix and match.

Relaxed And Casual Style

If you want to appear relaxed and casual by using mini white wear a shirt or sweater top for an everyday look. Can also perform a mini white solid match between the chambray shirt, loose shirt, or shirt models in general.

In addition to showing the impression of beautiful and hot, mixing and matching this kind will make you look feminine and chic, but still casual and comfortable.

Formal Style

For those of you, who want to look formal with white mini, can by adding outerwear like blazers and leather jackets? For example, a banker or business women will be wearing a white mini-fit combined with a striped shirt with a plain black blazer. This kind of fashion choice will be perfect with the use of heels, briefcases, and accessories such as belts and watches.

Party Style

Mini can also be combined with a white tank top or tank top made of lace when you want to go to a party. Can also add a pearl necklace and bracelet that looks to be more complete. Do not forget to also use matching heels and a handbag that looks to be perfect. This kind of style option will give the impression of being glamorous and hot so that makes you the center of attention.

Furthermore, regardless of the use of mini white as one of the fashions pretty much in demand all the time you still have to be careful in choosing and mixing match mini white.

Here are some important tips about choosing a white mini skirt in the style you.

1. Avoid using the boss is too long. Because the boss is too long it will cover your mini skirt, so the appearance will look less appropriate.

2. Be sure to try it first before buying mini white. Do not let the skirt that you choose not to suit your body size. For example, the white mini size is not in accordance with the high waist and calves.

1. Avoid using the white mini as too short or too long, which ultimately gives the impression of being in the middle on looks.

2. Try to choose a color that matches or play with the right motives. Yes, the white mini skirt is so the safest option. However, there is no harm if you want to use other colors, such as black, blue, green, brown, and so on.

3. Choice of plain colors on the mini skirt it is easier for you to choose the appropriate supervisor. Meanwhile, for those who want to use a patterned mini skirt, certainly does not hurt. Usually patterned mini skirts paired with plain tops or tops over simple motifs.

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