Blake Lively Long Blond Hair Naturally Wavy Hairstyles


Blake Lively long blond hair reveals her secrets for beautiful hair, Blake Lively, the sultry blonde Gossip Girl has hair that can make people dream. Generous, she reveals her secrets in an interview with Fashion

We want Blake Lively long blond hair naturally wavy. The star is best known in the role of Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, elegant as June 3rd alongside Beyoncé finally delivers its secrets for beautiful hair throughout the year, summer is approaching and it is with enthusiasm that collects what it tells us during her interview with

Blake Lively Long Blond Hair

Naturally Wavy Hairstyles & Blake Lively Long Blond Hair

First, it admits not like to have blonde hair from the root, presumably to give her hair a false naturalness. The young woman has many opportunities to make trips between New York and California, unfortunately, the east coast is less appreciated by her hair: “My hair is always better in California than in New York, so I filled a large bottle of sea water, I apply later on my hair and honestly, it works.”

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Blake Lively: We want hair Blake Lively!

Blake Lively long blond hair, we could see without makeup, rest all natural events. That is why her advice is so valuable. You may not believe it, but everything is good to take. After putting some sea water on her hair, she pre-dry and added a bit of foam for extra volume. Finally, she attaches a large bun. She waits, then off. Be careful, if it can work, your hair must be a minimum wavy and not as stiff as sticks. “My hair is naturally this trend waving” says Blake Lively. So, do as our ex-Gossip Girl and bring a little sea water in your suitcase.

We’re used to seeing Ryan Reynold’s wife always primed and elegant as when Beyonce appeared with yellow on June 3, Blake Lively surprised us today with a casual look. The pretty blonde has indeed been seen in casual outfit and make-up non-existent at JFK. The interpreter of Serena Van Der Woodsen wore comfortable clothes to travel and stay away from paparazzi targets.

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Blake Lively: Easy tips for Blake Lively have beautiful hair

However, comfort does not mean letting go for Blake remains pretty in jeans and camel colored leather perfecto. She preferred sneakers for the occasion, which is desirable when traveling by plane. Blake also uses the winner combo casual plaid shirt and braid for days without the headaches. The actress completes her outfit with a cloche hat to stay chic in all circumstances and her dress a little look. If her look is effortless, Blake does not mean forgetting his principles, even as it defends the travel environment with brick biodegradable water she proudly displays

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