Best Way To Fix A Broken Nail And Repair In 3 Tips


Best way to fix a broken nail, nail ripped nothing worse than the feeling of our beautiful long nails. For a small piece damaged, you thought you were forced to cut everything? Think again! There are solutions, commercially available and/or house, to repair your nail without having to remove it. We offer you three that have been proven.

Broken Nail

How To Fix a Broken Nail?

To repair a broken nail, you need a paper towel (or a thin sheet of toilet paper), a file, a transparent protective varnish, your favorite nail polish and top coat transparent. We then go to the repair step. Start by cutting a piece of paper towel as long as the break. Then coat the nail lacquer hardener, adjust the towel on the broken part, and press to adhere.

Apply a hardened layer on the dressing “homemade”. Let dry and repeat. Twenty minutes later, file paper, and apply a final coat of hardener. Wait until the product is dry to take the next step. To conceal the paper, it’ll just cover the nail two layers of your nail polish and finish preferred by a layer of transparent top coat.

The Nail Glue

Another option to repair a broken nail, nail glue. Start by thoroughly cleaning the affected hand or foot in warm, soapy water. Soak your broken nail until it is softened. Then apply a drop of glue nail on the break with a toothpick, then spread.

Do you not have nail glue?

Resourceful compels you can also use super glue being very careful not to directly touch your nail (this may remain stuck)! Always finish with a protective lacquer coating that will prevent other parts of the nail from breaking.

SOS Torn Fingernail

Nobody likes to be confronted, but it may be that your fingernail tore off. You should therefore carefully remove using fine scissors and tweezers.

This done, you can disinfect the bright area. If the nail is completely torn from her bed, there is a good chance that bleeding is important. To stop, apply pressure on your nail. Then wrap your finger in a sterile cotton strip. The days, change your dressing twice daily after disinfecting.

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