Eating Chocolate At Breakfast Makes It Smart For Brain Function


We knew it. Since the time we kill ourselves to repeat to anyone who wants to hear that brownie makes us physically good, researchers have finally proved it! According to a scientific study, eating chocolate at breakfast is excellent for brain function.

Eating chocolate at breakfast is excellent for brain function.As you’ve been told since childhood, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It must be balanced, so you may tend to exclude all chocolate sweets? Big mistake!

The Chocolate Trump Of Breakfast

Researchers at Syracuse University in the state of New York have conducted a very serious investigation into the subject. They conducted a study of about 1000 people under 30 years old. The guinea pigs were all questioned about their eating habits, and subjected to a series of cognitive tests.

And the results speak for themselves. After eating (or eating) a piece of chocolate cake in addition to their usual breakfast, the brain works better. The brain activity is stronger and faster, memorization is easier and organizational capacities have increased.

The Beneficent Molecules Of Chocolate

This is one more reason to love chocolate. Several studies have shown in the past that cocoa is good for health (thanks to iron in particular), but also for morale. This is now proof that it allows better functioning of our brain.

In the question, a particularly learned and ingenious association of molecules. On the one hand, there is the flavonoid that makes up 20% of cocoa and stimulates our brain. We must also rely on Theobromine and caffeine molecules it contains.

Be careful, these brain benefits are only valid with dark chocolate. No offense to lovers of milk chocolate and spreads.

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