Eyelash Extensions Before And After – Makeup, Preparation, Treatment


Eyelash Extensions Treatment: For an eyelash extension, this is a slightly longer treatment and to avoid waiting times.

The cosmetics institute Epimedic offers various techniques of eyelash extensions and will gladly advise you on everything to know about the treatment. Your eyelash stylist checks the conditions and discusses the further procedure, also depending on your wishes.

Eyelash Extensions


How to prepare yourself for your eyelash treatment:

  • No eyelash curler should be used in the day before treatment.
  • Contact lenses must be removed from the eye during treatment.
  • The eyes should be unvarnished

While the eyelash extensions are lying on a beauty bed with your eyes closed. The application of eyelash extensions is absolutely painless: most customers even fall asleep during treatment and wake up with beautiful eyelashes.

A new installation, ie an initial session, takes about 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the technology, and a refill takes about 30-60 minutes.


Then the artificial eyelashes are individually attached to the upper, natural eyelashes. The adhesive used is a waterproof eyelash adhesive, with which the artificial eyelashes are fastened close to the edge of the eyelid.

To get as natural a result as possible, up to ten different lengths of artificial eyelashes can be used. The first eyelash extension usually takes a relatively long time and can take between one and two hours. This period of time varies depending on the number of eyelashes used.

  • Silicone pads are placed under the lower eyelid, which serves as protection against the eyelash glue
  • The natural lashes are cleaned and prepared with eyelash cleanser
  • Artificial eyelashes are individually glued to the natural eyelashes (single technique)
  • it is also possible to glue several eyelashes on one (volume technique)
  • The adhesive used is a waterproof eyelash adhesive, with which the artificial eyelashes are fastened close to the edge of the eyeli
  • Eyelashes are combed
  • Silicone pads are removed
  • Every customer gets a brush for the eyelashes


After your eyelash treatment you should note the following:

Avoid water contact on the eye for 48 hours as the eyelash adhesive used will take about 24 hours to completely harden.

In addition, care should be taken that neither oil nor greasy creams reach the eye area. On the other hand, the eyelash glue can come loose.

Sort the eyelashes with the brush daily, so you get a longer beautiful result

Mascara and the use of eyelash curlers should be avoided so as not to damage the artificial eyelashes. If you still want to blow your eyelashes after the extension, a special mascara for artificial eyelashes should be used.

Sport, swimming, sauna are possible again after 48 hours

10 Things You Should Know Before A Balance Extension

Full, voluminous eyelashes – we all want them! The beauty world is thank God already so far that we can be helped. However, you should know these 10 things before an eyelash extension.

Time for an eyelash extension?

First, you spend a lot of money in search of the perfect mascara or you even stick false eyelashes (in laborious manual work every morning!) Anew. But if that does not satisfy you anymore, then it is currently announced to extend the eyelashes.

But you should know these 10 things before you make eyelash extensions. Because otherwise it could easily happen that you destroyed the expensive hair extension and the investment was in vain.


Not all eyelash specialists are the same.

Never be afraid to ask questions – after all, these people work around your eyes. So look for certificates in the studio that show courses for eyelash extensions have been taken. Also inquire about pictures of other client’s treatments.

Eyelash extensions should always look defined, straight and natural (even with a lot of volume). There must never be residues of glue or glued eyelashes.

Compare prices.

When eyelash extensions, unfortunately, is often: “the higher the price, the better the quality.” But sometimes the rates are not justified. So ask for pictures and try to form an opinion

Never go to an eyelash specialist who has not taken any special courses.

A bit of background about your eyelash specialists never hurts. Nowadays, you can acquire everything with the help of YouTube videos. But you do not want to leave such a “do-it-yourselfer” on your eyes ?!

In professional courses, the participants get much more knowledge than just the application of false eyelashes taught. It concerns, for example, the chemistry and ingredients of the adhesive.

Eyelashes can be personalized for you.

Just as with your real eyelashes, there are the wrong ones in different lengths, strengths and shapes. Finally, the extension should look as natural as possible

Eyelash extensions require daily care. After each extension, you should get a special brush from your studio to keep your eyelashes in shape. Comb them daily

Cleans the false eyelashes daily.

Are you afraid to wet your false eyelashes? You should definitely clean it daily. After all, eyelashes are actually there to protect your eyes from dirt.

So do not accumulate bacteria in your false eyelashes. We recommend to clean them daily with a little diluted baby shampoo (about 1 teaspoon shampoo per 250ml distilled water).

Does not use products based on oil.

Oil decomposes the glue of the eyelashes. Thus they fall out faster. You should also do without as much as possible on mascara. If you can not quite do without, then at least let the fingers of waterproof versions (which are mostly oil-containing). Also read the ingredients of your eye and face cream well!

Change your pillowcase.

Cushion covers made of silk not only prevent wrinkles, they are also especially good for your eyelashes! As you move in your sleep, your face (and your eyelashes) rub against the pillowcase. Silk is more forgiving.

Routine is everything.

As with waxing or hair coloring, eyelash extensions also require regular visits to the studio of your choice. In general you should have your eyelashes repaired every three weeks so that they always look full and straight.

Do not be too rude.

You rub your eyes quickly or maybe play around with the new, false eyelashes. However, it is true: Stay away! You do not want any hairs to fail!

Eyelash Extension – Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Can Wear Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions can be worn regardless of age, in allergies and with contact lenses, as well as athletes. They are insensitive to water, so swimming, showering and sporting activities are no problem.

Worth Knowing Before The Eyelash Extension

Mascara and eye makeup should be removed before treatment. For perfect fit, eyelashes must be clean and free of grease. If there is no possibility to remove the eye make-up and clean the eyelashes before the appointment, we can do this for you right before the treatment in our studio here in Leipzig.

24 Hours Before A Date For Eyelash Extensions

You should no longer use eyelash curler. Contact lens wearers bring a jar for storage, as well as liquid for lenses and take out contact lenses during treatment. If the natural lashes are very light, the natural lashes can be dyed the day before. The initial treatment takes about 2.5 hours.


Facts About Individual Eyelash Extensions

In advance, a detailed consultation takes place. While attaching the extensions, you can relax with your eyes closed and rely on a painless procedure. After an initial treatment of about 2.5 hours, later replenishment appointments take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the number of eyelashes.

Durability Of Eyelash Extensions

The own lash growth affects the holding period, which can provide up to 6 weeks for a nice eye with long eyelashes . It never fall all lashes out at the same time, making regular refill appointments for dense and as a result of initial treatment long eyelashes recommended become.

The Right Time To Fill In Eyelashes

When you have your eyelashes refilled, you decide. However, we recommend that you come to the salon every two to four weeks to fill up. The replenishment dates are not only shorter, but also cheaper than the initial treatment with eyelash extensions.

Can The Eyelashes Be Removed Again?

These are permanent eyelashes that are worn for a longer period of time. A complete distance is possible, but not recommended. Under no circumstances should you remove the eyelashes yourself and thus cause any damage to your natural eyelashes. If there is a valid reason for removal, we are happy to take it with us in the studio.

Mascara on Eyelash Extensions – Go or No Go?

Due to the density and color fastness of the eyelashes, it is not necessary that you additionally use mascara. If you wish to do so, we recommend Luxury Lashes Mascara, which was specially developed for successful eyelashes and adapted to the characteristics of the eyelash extensions. Under no circumstances may waterproof mascara be used.

What To Look For In Eye Makeup Remover?

Oil based preparations are not suitable and would dissolve the adhesive of the extensions . Oil-free make-up removers, however, are no problem and can easily be used for eyelash extensions.

Is It Possible To Dye Eyelash Extensions?

The extended eyelashes must not be dyed. If the natural lashes should get a darker color, a previous coloring is possible. It is important that between the coloration and the application of the eyelashes a period of at least 24 hours is maintained. The same applies to eyelash waves and all form or color-changing treatments of natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions And Curlers – Is That Possible?

For extended eyelashes eyelash curler should not be used. The extensions could break off because they are not suitable for deformation by the eyelash curler.

The use of the eyelash curler is also unnecessary; since the eyelash extensions themselves have a very nice bend. Also, heavy rubbing or pulling and plucking the eyelashes should be avoided in favor of the durability of eyelash extensions.

Sport, swimming and co. – what about eyelash extensions?

Only in the first 24 hours after treatment, you should give your fresh extensions a little rest and avoid the sauna, swimming pool or a sweaty workout in the gym.

Already on the next day, the usual activity nothing stands in the way and the eyelashes take during sports, even with prolonged swimming and saunas no harm.

Perfect Lips And Eyelashes Makeup Look Book

Provides an overview swatches Make up Factory pencils for lips, gorgeous shades of lipstick and mascara for volume.

All of these products are currently on sale and see how they look before they turn yellow in shopping!

Make up Factory cosmetics and still impresses me with its quality, new, trendy colors and beautiful packaging. In past reviews of some types of pieces makeup and professional brushes you could have read that I am very happy and these products have become part of my daily make-up routine!

Products from these reviews are currently on sale in stores and Muller hope you my impressions and swatches to help in the choice if you plan to buy something.

Automatic Lipliner

For an eyelash extension

Provides smooth and soft application thanks to modern wax-oil combination. Glide gently over your lips and leaves a very luscious color, excellent hiding power. It contains vitamins C and E to protect lips from free radicals.

Does not contain mineral oil, parabens or preservatives. It has built in mini sharpener that allows top at all times be perfect shape giving the precise lines and perfect results when using.

Price Reduction Was Β£ 35!

For an eyelash extension

Pencils I really like it! They are very soft and just glide on the lips. Sharpener is great at any time you can have precise enough to top the most perfect results. Tint 01 (which is the first on the swatches but do not see) is actually colorless and serves to keep the lip in place.

In other hue is expressed are well pigmented and looks good on the lips. Hue 41 I like so much to recommend it to wear even alone means the lips to fill it. Persistence is quite good. Pencils do not dry lips but they cherished me as very important.

True Lip Color 39 Pinky Chic

True Lip Color lipsticks are long lasting and very creamy. Beeswax protects the thin skin of the lips in a natural way. Appendix jojoba oil provides nourishing effects and olive oil improves skin elasticity and vitamins C and E protect against free radicals and prevent moisture loss. It contains no parables or perfumes.

Price Reduction Was Β£ 35!

Lipstick is simply perfect! Soft and creamy texture and a semi matte finish without too much shimmer and shine.

Great for every day or for a Smokey eye look when the lips should be gentler look. Super hydrates and nourishes lips! Better than some balm!

It is very stable and well pigmented. This shade is very light pink and what I really like completely covering my lip color that is usually redder. I think I found the perfect shade for myself; I have long sought such a lipstick. Soon swatches on the lips!

Volume Mascara

XXL brush of mascara combined with a rich texture based on high quality wax gives lashes a fantastic articulation! Guarantees a rich color and excellent coverage. Large brush is particularly appropriate for longer eyelashes.

Price Mascara Is Β£ 79!

Mascara is great for people with long eyelashes. Those with shorter lashes will have problems when applying for XXL brush. Very nice separates lashes without clumping.

Gives a very beautiful and rich color but it must apply several layers. After one coat lashes are only slightly pronounced and prolonged and the need for a more dramatic look yet apply two to three coats.

This is great because you can change the look depending on the time of day or occasion. I liked it a great mascara curls lashes! Persistent is no smudging or melting (verified on the biggest sun).

How do you like these products? What you make up Factory stuff tried? Tell us which ones you’re satisfied!

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