How To Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes Tips and Standard Mascara Tip


How to cover dark circles under eyes tips and standard mascara tip to remove dark circles under the eyes in addition to concealer, you need to use both chalk and chalk highlight throughout.

These Under Eyes Tools Need to Prepare:

How to cover dark circles under eyes

  • – Concealer
  • – Powder in colorless (translucent powder)
  • – Powder highlight
  • – Cotton makeup sponges and a small broom


Cover Dark Circles Implementation

Step 1: First, you use a broom to the surface concealer and remember only get a thin layer.

Step 2: Negative cream to the skin under the eyes (the eyes start to move the eyes). If you see a layer of cream is not enough, you can add a layer of government anymore.

Step 3: Take your index finger to blend well as ice cream.

Eyes Tips Cover Dark Circles Perfectly step 4 and 5

Step 4: Stop trying to highlight the skin just below the canopy area just concealer.

Step 5: Take your fingers are spread pollen.

Eyes Tips Cover Dark Circles Perfectly step 6 and 7

Step 6 + 7: Apply a little powder over the top to smooth and brighter skin. You should always use a sponge dabbed chalk and absolute power without scanning pastel class will be gone.

bye bye dark circles under eye

With the simple steps above, you will remove the dark circles under eye skin easily.

Most Standard Mascara Tip

With only 5 simple steps, you will have a curved lash and thick as desired. Even the girls have experienced makeup was not sure how to best mascara without clumping. In fact, the mascara is not related to clotting story many times you brush or less but you can brush properly or not.

Following tips will help the girls; especially those of you new to make-up, mascara use an easier way:

First, use the tool to crimp clamp mi cong.

  • Then mascara arrow direction (towards the eye). Repeat this 3 times.

Mascara Tip


  • Next, mascara brush in the opposite direction with three times as well.

Mascara Tip-


  • To really dark mascara and sharp, you need to brush one layer more. Start with small clusters lashes and brush in the direction opposite to the arrow.

Mascara Tip-0


  • Finally, brush a thin layer of mascara to the lower lashes. You just need to brush 1-2 times horizontally for bold lashes without such under the lashes. Note: Be sure to face close plastic spoon under the lashes while the mascara brush to smudge out not to be.

Mascara Tip-01


Now you’re ready to step out with impressively curved lashes.

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