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20+ Makeup Styles With White Eyeliner

Do you usually use only white eyeliner for the inside corner of the eye?

You have 20+ more makeup styles with white eyeliner.

If the black eyeliner makes the eyes look sharper, the white eyeliner makes the eyes look big, bright, lively and cute. Especially, it is white eyeliner, not any other color that can wake up your sleeping eyes.

Cat Eye With White Eyeliner

Cat eye style is no stranger to you. Don’t rush to think that only black eyeliner can bring this sexy eyeliner look. Try once a cat eye with a white eyeliner, you will see that the “white cat” is also charming without being inferior.

Sexy White Cat Look For Eye Makeup

Double BorderWhite Eyeliner

With any type of eyeliner, you can also duplicate the border to emphasize the attention focused on the eyes. First, make eyelashes with black eyeliner, then white eyeliner on the black border.

How to Apply White Eyeliner

You will achieve both effects; the eyes are both alert and sharp. However, this type of double-rimmed eyeliner is contraindicated for “snail” eyes.

Lower Eyelid WithWhite Eyeliner

The lower eyelid contour is often forgotten because if the eyeliner is bold in color, the contour is easy to be worn, making you ugly. This weakness is completely overcome with white eye-liner.

Lower Eyelid is bold in white color liner

Lacing the upper eyelid with the black eye-liner and the lower eyelid border with the white-eyeliner. You will have fresh, youthful eyes.

Crossover Effect

The cross-style eyeliner effect promoted by Kourtney Kardashian is a very effective “secret” for those who lack sleep. On the upper eyelid, line the eyelid with the black eye-liner and then line it on the first line with white eye-liner.

In contrast, on the lower eyelid, the edges are close to the white eye-liner and the outer edge is made of black eye-liner.

Kourtney Kardashian Beautiful Eye Makeup During Party time

Click The Eyes And Eyes

White eyeliner is often used to press corners in the eyes, making eyes brighter. Make full use of this utility and expand the eye-contour line, you will have an extremely eye-catching style of drawing.

eye catching style of drawing contour line

The Upper Eyelid And The Corners Of The Eyes

Upper eyelid with white eye liner and pressing at the corner of the eye. Use a ring finger to blur the line at the corner of the eye, creating a blur effect for this area.

Upper Eyelid with white eye liner Use corner of the eye

White Eyeliner – Create A V Shape At The Corner Of The Eye

This type of eye drawing will help your eyes look bigger and brighter. However, it is only suitable for dinner parties. Eye contour with black eyeliner in V shape and white eyeliner.

V Shape Eye Liner Makeup For Black Womens

White Eyeliner With Graphic Effects

Katy Perry chameleon has three times the eye liner with 3 color eyeliner: black, white and blue to create vivid and impressive graphic effects for the eyes.

Katy Perry apply 3 color Graphic Eye makeup

White Eyeliner – Bold Eyelid

One line of large, bold white eyeliner on the upper eyelid and lightly spread the color finger over the entire eye.

Apply Bold Eyelid For younger eyes makeup

Colored Emulsion

White Eyeliner, Eyeliner, Beautiful Online

If you do not want the corners of your eyes to stand out, do it like Blake Lively, apply a little white, white eyeliner at the corner of your eye and gently spread the wide color toward your eye.

Blake Lively Apply Eyes Makeup With Side Hairstyles

Combined With Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic color eyeshadow is a prominent eye color trend in the coming autumn and winter. What are you waiting for, without combining them with white eyeliner.

Apply metallic eyeshadow to the upper and lower eyelids with white eyeliner, you will have sparkling, magical eyes.

How To Apply metallic eyeshadow for party makeup

Stretch The Line At The Top Of The Eye

Instead of stretching the line at the end of the eye, you can extend the head of the eye so that the eyes look larger. If you do this with black eyeliner, you will be unsightly.

However, with white eye-liner, you look extremely stylish and trendy.

Trendy Eye Makeup With Color Eye Liner

Lacing In The Lower Lashes

The bottom of the lower eyelid with white eye-liner is an effective way to help awaken the lack of sleep. The most glamorous beauty on the planet Scarlet Johansson also often resorted to this technique to maintain a perfect appearance.

Scarlet Johansson perfect lower eyelid with white eye liner

The Entire Upper Eyelid Border

If you don’t like the eyes, ignore them and focus on the eyelid. With all eyelids with white eye-liner, you will have enough sharpness but still personality.

How to Apply Upper Eyelid For Eyes Makeup

White Eyeliner Softener

The eyeliner is always slender and sharp. But not so you can’t soften them. Using your finger to spread the white eye-liner to the top of the eye, you may not need to apply more eye color.

360 Degree Effect With Emulsion Color

This is a unique makeup with white emulsion eyeliner that Rihanna has used to deepen her eyes. First, the edge of the eyelid with black eyeliner and the outer edge with white eye-liner.

Continue using white eye-liner with a line close to the edge of the eyebrows and then use your fingers to spread, creating a 360 degree effect with white emulsion on the eyes.

White Eyeliner Combined With Similar Eye Color

After the eye-liner is white, you can apply a bit of emulsion color, and


How To Use White Eyeliner To Make Eyes Bigger

Simple tips to use a product convenient and practical for the everyday look

Often overlooked in the daily makeup, perhaps because little known, the ‘ white eye-liner can become a great ally of our beauty by learning some simple trick one pencil can be useful for various purposes, saving products and space.

The makeup artist cosmetic consider this one of the bases of their work, and then why not make it even our secret weapon? The white eye-liner allows little makeup, but to emphasize the eyes and rendenderli brighter and larger.

Natural Makeup

Thus we see five ways +1 to use it and get a nice natural makeup.

1. Illuminate the inner corner of the eye is used to give light to the eye and improve the entire look. With the white eye-liner, starting from the beginning where the eyelashes draw a line on the lower eyelid and on the upper one about an inch in length then faded.

2. Instead of highlighting the lower eyelid with a line of black pencil or dark, try using the white internal rhyme in the eye. You will see less, but will emphasize the look with discretion.

how to use white eyeliner
How to use white eyeliner

3. A few light strokes under the eyebrows and blend will help to open up and “raise” the look, making it more alive and intense. Continue with the illuminant toward the temple, blurring always very good.

4. To use it as a fixer and enlightening other colors: just spread it over the entire eyelid and blend it, then cover the eyelid with a light brown or gray to shade and give three-dimensionality in the eyes, without appearance.

white eyeliner tips
White eyeliner tips

5. A little redness or a pimple can be easily hidden with white eye-liner, which then passes the usual foundation.

+1 Us use for the nails! If you do not have time for a manicure particular, past the white eye-liner in pencil under the lunettes of the nails, then past a clear glaze and you have a kind of provisional French manicure? However, remember to clean and sharpen the pencil before use on the eyes.

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