Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Best Eye Makeup Tips In Different instructions


Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For The Festive Season

Eye makeup seems to be the hardest step. The eyes before and after makeup. After being colored, mascara and fake eyelashes, the “soul window” becomes extremely attractive.

how to line the eye.

You can circle the top or the rim of the eye in the style of cat eyes (ie slanted).

Eyes Makeup Smokey Eye Makeup Eyeliner Eye

Under eyeliner: The lower eye border will help you cheat a little “area” of the eyes.

The white eye-rimmed pen for the lower part of the eye should be selected with a little lem, with a clear and sharp line. You can contour the eyelid or the inner eyelid to create different effects for the eyes.

Next, you should choose the eye color that matches your eyes or the same tone as the outfit. The upcoming festival season, please refer to the impressive eye color and how to beat your eyes so beautifully and brilliantly.

1. Outstanding eye emulsion for the night party

Just make the eye makeup steps below, you will be extremely outstanding at the dinner party. Remember this eye color is only suitable for dinner parties.

2. Smoky eye color Sexy smoky eyes are always the favorite makeup trend for decades. Special smoke color will make you attractive and outstanding at shimmering dinner parties.

We will help you succeed with this type of makeup. This way of makeup is also very suitable for you when you are at work or at the end of the year.

3. Impressive Smoky Eyes

Just change the way of eye drawing, adding color will give you an immediate impression.

4. Blinking Brown Eyes

When you first make your makeup, many believers feel awkward and don’t know how to brush their eyes. With eyes, if you beat your hands or mix colors unreasonably, it will pull your face down. So, to be safe, you should choose a copper brown tone that is easy to beat and help you to be beautiful.

Step 1: Strike base eyes with the purpose of helping to stick more color. After that, use your hand to brush the light tone on the eyes.

Step 2: Use a brush to get a darker brown tone, press the eye tail.

Step 3: Use a dark brown pen to lightly touch the back of the lower eyelid. The purpose of this brushing is to make the eyes become bigger and longer.

Step 4: Use a brush to apply a dark brown color.

in Step 5: the lower eyelid lightly with black.

Step 6: Brush mascara that you have beautiful eyes.

5. Brighten Eyes With Light Color

This is the type of eye-catching that many girls choose because of their youthfulness and simplicity. Use bright color tones for your eyes to dispel the bleak winter?

The makeup with these bright colors is not really difficult to use as you think. Just follow certain rules, you will find that they can be surprisingly good for you. 

You can also choose a highlight for your eyes just by making a bold, sharp eyeliner

The unique combination of outstanding eye colors suitable for the festive season.

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